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TD Ameritrade is one the best platform available for the beginners and professionals alike for the trades of stock. TD Ameritrade is the finest and well-known stock trading platform that provides a safe and secure platform for all traders.
Februry 24, 2021

TD Ameritrade Review

The trading tools, customer service and detailed research that it offers has no comparison with any other brokerage platform in the market. People who are finding something unique in this would be glad to know that TD Ameritrade has also launched their app that is available on all iOS and Android devices.

Moreover, by having no minimum policy, the company gives new investors a bonus and made it more convenient for them to enter into the stock market. No minimum policy means that you don't require any minimum amount in your deposit account to start trading.
TD Ameritrade: Open an International Trading Account
Be warned: A lot of paperwork is required. Take a look at alternatives on Top-5 Brokers for Beginners shortlist.

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Briefly About TD Ameritrade

Year founded
Commission on trades
Commission Fee US Stocks
Options Commission Fee Per Trade
Minimum deposit
OS compatibility
Mobile app
Trading platforms
Stocks, Options, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Futures, Forex, Bonds and CDs
Depend on the region and selected instrument
Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix
TD Ameritrade Mobile App, thinkorswim Mobile App. Both available on iOS / Android
Webplatform, thinkorswim Desktop, thinkorswim Web, Mobile Trading

TD Ameritrade Fees

Charging a relatively higher fee is one of the disadvantages TD Ameritrade faces. But, when we compare the TD Ameritrade fee structure of the platform with others, we discover that the company has fully justified the higher charges with their outstanding and remarkable services.

Saying that at TD Ameritrade you pay for what you get won't be wrong. The fee for regular stock trading is $6.95 and for option trades fee is $6.95+$0.75 per contract. Furthermore, the company offers investment in mutual funds and commission-free ETFs on a discount basis.

However, the investors must know that TD Ameritrade charges a short-term trading fee from those that keep on purchasing and selling ETFs frequently again and again. The company not just cater to active investors, but also entertain the hand-off funds investors or speculators that wait for the best time to hold a firm grip over the stock market.


The well-designed software of TD Ameritrade is designed carefully, focusing on the priority to keep the financial assets and personal information of the customers secure. Additionally, if you have become a victim of identity theft or have received any kind of threat from phishing emails, you can send the mail on After which the company will take actions regarding the issue, reporting that account and keeping yours safe.

Also, according to the latest policy, the company would reimburse you for the lost amount if they'll find any unauthorized access in the client's account. This is the main reason that helps in providing a safe trading environment to this online platform.

The user is the only person that knows the user ID and the password of the account. The account is secured with encrypted layer program that keeps the system safe from threats, like keylogging and sending the user the bogus webpages as a trap.
thinkorswim Desktop


It is recommendable for the beginners to educate themselves before starting trading on the TD Ameritrade. They should watch available videos and educational sessions online to make themselves aware of the pros and cons of the stock trading online and to know the strategies for successful trading of stocks. If these are not enough, then they should go through the TD Ameritrade's own published blog and magazines, called TickerTape and thinkMoney.

Furthermore, to help you with the thinkorswim platform, the range of training tools are available. For those who doesn't know that what is thinkorswim platform, it is an investment platform by TD Ameritrade company.

This platform provides financial literacy services for new or self-directed investors in the market. The platform offers a wide variety of educational products that can be used by beginners to start investing, while minimising the risk. This platform offers one to one online courses, telephone, live chats and email support services to its customers.

It includes a customizable dock, which provides information to easily spot the upcoming market opportunities and implementing the stock trading strategies accordingly.

Paper money account or Paper trading is another important tool highly preferable for learning and practising the stock trading without investing and losing your real money. This is basically a stock market simulator that gives you a specific amount of fake money, so you can test and learn new tactics.


The research tools include screeners, market commentary and TV networks. Screener tool applies on any type of investment you want to do. Investors and traders use this tool to filter stocks and other investments based on user-defined metrics. Moreover, they allow traders to select specific trading instruments that are according to a set of criteria. These also help investors in identifying the lower and upper gap in the market

Market commentary is another tool used by traders for in stock market research. This market commentary is written in the official blogs and magazines of TD Ameritrade. This commentary includes the day to day market trends and recent changes, which can be used as a strategy to understand the market position before investing.
TV networks are the most common ways of research. The TD Ameritrade financial network conduct live streams on television. It provides all necessary information related to stock and other forms of investment. It streams broadcasts live every day from 8:00 ET to 5:00 ET. It also includes market analysis and provide education to the traders.

Customer support

TD Ameritrade provides 24/7 customer support service through their chain of branches across the united states, and you can also communicate them through the online website or app. You can seek help from customer care representative whenever and wherever you want.

Finally, it also offers customer support through the facebook messenger. They even allow you to trade stock by sending a message to their facebook messenger chatbox.

Pros and Cons of TD Ameritrade


  • No additional charges to use software for online trading
  • Novice-friendly streaming graphs
  • No minimum account balances
  • Education of high quality, including webinars
  • Free help from the broker
  • Free subscription to the newsletter of optionsXpress for 13 months


  • Fee timetable can get very cumbersome
  • Higher stock price and trade in the ETF
  • Minimum required for greater contract alternatives
  • Only futures traders can get customer support 24 hours a day
  • It takes a lot of time to open an international trading account (for non U.S. citizens) due to paperwork

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TD Ameritrade legal in Singapore?
TD Ameritrade fully licensed with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and are a subsidiary of TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., who has been empowering investors to take control of their financial lives for more than 40 years.
Is TD Ameritrade available in Malaysia?
TD Ameritrade is one the best platform available for the beginners and professionals alike for the trades of stock.
Is TD Ameritrade good for beginners?
TD Ameritrade is good choice for beginners because it provides the best combination of ease of use, educational content, and research tools new investors need to succeed.

Platform interface screenshots

Final Thoughts

TD Ameritrade Malaysia, SG and other countries is the best option for all the investors, as it provides you a secure platform with great tools that minimise the risk of investing. The option of paper trading is another opportunity that this brokerage account provides to its users, so that they can learn about stocks trading without risking their real finance. To buy options on TD Ameritrade, login to your paperMoney account on TDAmeritrade's thinkorswim trading platform. Clients trading options pays 0.70 USD per contract with no exercise or assignment fees.

However, if you are non-US resident, it may take time to open an international trading account due to paperwork.

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Or continue with the selected broker, visit TD Ameritrade's official website to register →
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