Ayrex Review

Get More Benefits - Ayrex vs. IQ Option comparison

August 20, 2020

Get More Benefits - Ayrex vs. IQ Option comparison

Every year brings new adjustments to our lives. But 2020 became unique and was able to change the planet very much. Many economies have been hit hard, companies have gone bankrupt, and people have lost their jobs. However, for some, such changes have become an incentive to change for the better. After all, you don't have to go to your routine work every day and work hard in the office from paycheck to paycheck. There is a much more convenient and profitable way to make money. This is earnings on binary options because here each user can get the maximum profit thanks to the ability to analyze the situation and make the right decision in time.

Moreover, this income does not depend on global cataclysms or shocks. You can work away from home while on vacation. All you need is to have small start-up capital, internet access, and a reliable broker as a partner. Now you need to take the right first step and choose the best company that offers the most benefits. This Ayrex review will introduce a professional exchange and compare it to the IQ Option.

IQ Option and Ayrex Review

You must choose the right broker. The company that offers the most benefits will make your path to success comfortable and safe. Therefore, we recommend reading this IQ Option vs. Ayrex, where we will look at the main advantages of each service. Ayrex are a fairly new binary options firm.

History of the company

Comparative analysis should start with an analysis of the experience and history of the service. Ayrex is based in Saint Kitts and Nevis and was officially incorporated in 2014. The broker operates under the leadership of Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd and is available to residents of many countries (excluding the United States, Iran, and some other countries). Today the site is very popular among users and more than a million people have already become clients of the service.

IQ Option started the road to success in 2013. The address of official registration is the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. At first, it was a small platform with a minimum number of traders, but a responsible approach to work, customer care, and a high level of security allowed the exchange to quickly become popular. As of 2020, the company has about 40 million users, and about $20 million is paid out every month. In terms of convenience, this is the best option.


This is one of the main factors that make a company of high quality. IQ Option and Ayrex platforms take care of customers and guarantee the highest level of security. All personal data (payment information, transaction history, an account password, etc.) are reliably protected using the SSL 3.0 protocol. This algorithm uses a complex dynamic code that cannot be cracked. This means that a fraudster will not gain access to your account. Moreover, even if he learns the password from you, it will not be possible to withdraw money. Because the system requires verification and confirmation of accounts.

Design and Usability

Ayrex's website is pleasant in terms of design and information content. On the main page, you can find out about the main advantages of the company or use the "create a new account" option.

Real professionals have worked on the official IQ Option page, so it has not only a pleasant design but also has a high-quality layout. Excellent functionality allows you to quickly go through the registration procedure, find the desired section, and start trading. This approach lowers the entry threshold and makes the platform as accessible and user-friendly as possible. Moreover, 17 language versions of the site are available, so trading can become more convenient and understandable.

Mobile app

First of all, it is necessary to say about Ayrex. The company offers the possibility of mobile trading to clients. But the Ayrex windows app also works with the Android system. This feature is not available for iOS users. Therefore, you can only make good deals from your Android device or computer.

The IQ Option platform invites clients to trade wherever there is an internet connection. Unlike the Ayrex app, this program also works with the iOS system. Therefore, owners of Apple phones and tablets can easily trade. Moreover, excellent responsive design and high-quality optimization ensure excellent performance even with a weak Internet connection. Trade profitably, conveniently, and efficiently with IQ Option.

Limits and Restrictions

Every user who has reached the age of majority can register and become a client of IQ Option or Ayrex. It is enough to take a few simple steps: enter personal data, confirm the decision. The path to success can be started with a minimum starting capital. IQ Option offers clients the most favorable conditions. For example, the minimum deposit is only $10, and the low limit for transaction - $1. Moreover, the company allows you to conclude deals worth up to $10,000.

Ayrex platform has other limitations. The user must deposit at least $100, and the minimum transaction limit is $5. There are also restrictions on the maximum amount ($5000).

Deposit and withdrawal of money

Working with the Ayrex broker, you can replenish your account or withdraw money at any time. The company cooperates with the most popular and reliable payment systems. The user can withdraw funds through credit cards (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa), as well as electronic wallets (Neteller, Skrill, UnionPay, FasaPay). The minimum payout amount is $5, and there is no commission on the first payment. Withdrawal can take up to 10 days, which is very long.

The IQ Option service offers wider opportunities for clients: these are also bank cards and electronic wallets (also WebMoney). Besides, the site client has the option to withdraw money in cryptocurrency. The minimum amount for payments is $20, and the trader must go through the verification procedure. It takes about 72 hours and eliminates the risk of fraud.

Knowledge for users

Ayrex and IQ Option platform takes care of their clients to become true professionals. There is a link to a special page at the bottom of the site. Here the user can read advice from professional traders, information about the state of the market, forecasts, analysis of strategies, etc. This knowledge will allow you to gain basic skills and make a thoughtful first trade, as well as increase the efficiency of trading.

IQ Option and Ayrex demo account

The path to success can be made as safe as possible because companies offer the opportunity to learn how to trade. The new client has the option to activate the IQ Option or Ayrex demo, the conditions are the same here. After activation, the user's account is credited with 10,000 virtual dollars. They are used to conclude transactions according to real quotes. Of course, they will not bring real profit, but they will give a novice trader invaluable experience.

Assets available to users

Well, now is the time to change the ayrex.com demo to a real account and make the first profitable trade. Each trader can choose the asset that is most convenient for him. This will increase your trading efficiency. Ayrex platform offers about 60 types: standard fiat currencies, company stocks, securities, commodities, precious metals, etc.

IQ Option offers slightly fewer options (about 40 types), but it has some advantages. For example, a client of the service can conclude transactions in the Forex market or trade cryptocurrency, which is one of the most promising assets today. It remains only to choose the option that suits the user the most and make the correct prediction, making a profit.

Average profit percentage

One more important factor that needs to be mentioned in the review. The average profit percentage for Ayex clients is 75-90% depending on which asset or binary option was chosen. For IQ Option clients, the average is 82-92%.

Flexible settings and robot

Interestingly, modern websites offer great customer experiences. For example, each user of IQ Option and Ayrex can add to the chart those indicators and indicators that are convenient for him, depending on the chosen strategy. Now it will be easy and convenient to observe course changes and make decisions at the right time.

Besides, the platforms allow you to connect special robots. Once set up, they will monitor the market 24/7, suggest the best deals and close them with millisecond precision. Ayrex and IQ Option exchanges allow you to make money anywhere and anytime.

Support service

It is good if you can quickly resolve a problem should it arise. Ayrex and IQ Option companies care about their customers, which is why support staff are available on the sites around the clock. To contact them, a telephone (for solving urgent issues) or e-mail (where you can attach the necessary documents) is available. Moreover, employees speak several languages, so communication with them will be pleasant and convenient.

Special offers

IQ Option and Ayrex offer clients to take part in special tournaments (free and paid). You just need to confirm your participation or buy a ticket. After the start of the tournament, 1000 virtual dollars are credited to the participant's account. The task is to get the maximum profit within a certain period. The best participants receive good cash prizes. So you can win a large amount of money with a small investment or even no investment (free tournament).
Ayrex binary options broker offers "$30 No Deposit Bonus" for all new clients.

Premium account

Segment leaders are always ready to offer more. Ayrex and IQ Option allow traders to purchase a premium account. Such clients receive an increased percentage of profit on transactions, the ability to withdraw money as soon as possible, take part in special tournaments, get help from a personal manager, etc. Great opportunities become available with the right broker.

The basic principle of brokers

Today, modern technologies allow you to quickly register on the Ayrex trading platform and start the path to success. But it is important to understand how a broker works to make your work as efficient as possible. The exchange offers clients to trade various currencies, assets, or binary options. Their rate changes every minute, and the main goal of a trader is to identify this trend. In the case of binary options, the correct forecast brings significant profits, in the case of Forex, the main income comes from buying and selling assets at the most favorable rate. There are several basic Ayrex binary options offerings.

• Turbo-options. The riskiest option with the maximum profit. The reason is that the expiration time here is minimal (1-5 minutes), so the trader cannot conduct a qualitative and comprehensive analysis. However, a profit of 200% attracts many users;

• Digital-options. The other side of trading. Here, the expiration time is from a week to a month. Therefore, the user can conduct a thorough analysis and make an accurate forecast, which is an advantage. The disadvantage is a reduced percentage of profit (about 70-80%);

• Call/Put. The most common Ayrex binary option. The main task of a trader is to correctly guess in which direction the rate will move, whether it will be higher or lower than the current value after a certain period. With the right decision, he makes a profit, with the wrong decision, the money remains with the company;

• Touch/No-Touch. When choosing this type of option, the chart gets the rate boundary (it can be higher or lower than the current value). The trader analyzes the situation and predicts whether the rate will reach the specified value (Touch) or not (No-Touch). If the Touch option is selected and the condition is met, then the profit is received even before the expiration time;

• In/Out. In this case, there are two indicators (upper and lower). The trader's forecast tells whether the rate will remain within these values (In) or leave them (Out). The money will be credited to the user's account after the conditions are successfully met and the expiration period expires;

• Spread. This is the most complex type of Ayrex option and is suitable for professional users. The trader must determine not only the trend in value but also indicate the exact value. This requires professional knowledge and trading skills. Attracts customers with a large percentage of potential profit.


Is Ayrex regulated?
Ayrex is a binary options broker, founded in 2014 and owned/operated by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd with Registration.
Is Ayrex a Scam?

From that perspective, Ayrex is not a scam, but on the other hand, they are STILL not regulated despite their representatives saying a few years back that they are pursuing CySEC regulation.

Choose the right broker and get a perfect list of benefits with Ayrex and IQ Option.

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