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Reviewing IQ Option and Exness Broker

April 11, 2020

Review of IQ Option and Exness Online Platforms

The online world has given many people access to a wide range of possibilities. With more and more pages and domains being created all the time, this infinite possibility only grows. The challenge then, in an environment such as this, is finding and verifying the particular experience the user is looking for. To help users such as this decide, review systems need to be set up to guide them.

This is the case for online brokers and the many different experiences that they offer. Here, we are looking at two big names in the trading game, namely IQ Option and Exness. Each of these online brokers offer a unique experience to their users, detailed with a medley of different financial instruments, tools and supporting features.

A Trusted Platform for Trading

The most vital aspect of any IQ Option and Exness review is to determine reliability, accessibility and variety. A reliable system is essential for an online broker to have and be able to prove. After all, they are dealing with a significant amount of investments and therefore need to ensure that these will be handled correctly and securely.

For both this IQ Option and Exness broker review, this is very much the case. Each of these are based in Cyprus and moderated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This is a reputable way of keeping all activities above board and protecting the users of each of these platforms. Any trader looking to make serious inroads into the marketplace must clarify these regulatory bodies with their selected broker.

Another factor that plays a role in the reliability of such brokers is the experience they have in the field. Again, these two are well-endowed with such experience and display this with their well-groomed offerings. Exness broker, for instance, has been around for over a decade, having started all the way back in 2008. IQ Option, in comparison, only came into being in 2013 but have since grown rapidly.

Gaining Access to the Markets

After reliability, comes the ever-important accessibility. No matter what the offering is or how reliable it has been, if users cannot gain access to the broker's trade room then it doesn't do anyone any good. This is why, and it will become apparent across any of these IQ Option and Exness reviews, each of these top brokers have a wide range of systems and applications that can deliver the marketplace to their clients.

Exness is supported across both Apple and Android devices but does not have an application for Windows. However, it is also supported through platforms such as the Exness MT4, MT5, Mac and Web Trader. This allows for a good deal of flexibility with connecting to the marketplace and enables users access from a range of platform options. Downloads, like Exness MT4 download, are generally more efficient than going through a browser.

IQ Option, on the other hand, has prided themselves in presenting their clients with a top of the line application that can be acquired for all manner of desktop, laptop and mobile phone. This is a great way to connect with the financial instruments in a quick and efficient way. There are also browser options for those unable to download the preferred application.

So, whether users pick Exness MT4 demo account download or the IQ Option Android app, they will have a dedicated system to access their trading through. On top of this, acquiring and activating these apps is a straightforward effort, with multiple places available to download and connect. In order to do this, users will be required to register and pick an account they want from the selection each of these platforms provides.

Registration and Accounts

The first, direct experience that traders will encounter with any online broker is the registration page. Whether they have downloaded an app or going straight through the browser, both the IQ Option and Exness broker will require an email address and selected password. This is to add further security and failsafe procedures should anything unfortunate occur.

Once activated, the next step is picking the account. Here again, these two online brokers butt heads over their similar offerings. Exness app download provides their clients with three different types of accounts. There is their Mini, Classic, and ECN account types. The Mini and Classic accounts are for beginners and veterans of trading respectively. ECN, on the other hand, stands for Electronic Communication Network and provides this type of environment to the users.

IQ Option also offers a choice of account to their clients, namely a standard and VIP account. Similarly to Exness, these are divided to provide a different experience for those new to the game and those looking to trade with high stakes and large volumes. The little details attached to each of these two accounts help shape the environment for their intended audience and give the necessary tools to those that need it most.

On top of each of these accounts, both IQ Option and Exness demo have a free practice account to use. With the speed and complexity some of the markets have, this is an essential tool in the learning experience for traders at all stages. Whether it is to understand how trading works or to pick up the specifics of how the platform operates, an IQ Option or Exness demo account allows for a relative freedom in these pursuits.

Deposits and Investments

The minimum deposits that a broker provides sets the pace of each of the specific accounts and the users joining them. Therefore, each of these top brokers will try and keep the minimums as low as possible.

Exness does this well with their Mini account requiring just $1 as an entry deposit. This allows users easy entry but they do charge for deposits and withdrawals so their may be underlying costs. Their Classic account requires a minimum of $2000 deposit in order to activate, suggesting the position of confidence and experience the traders should be at before joining this account.

The offerings of each of these different accounts are also tailored to the targeted audience, with more trading and unique features found in the higher tiers. IQ Option also provides a choice of deposit, with their standard account going as low as just $10. With no additional costs on deposits, this serves to provide an easy entry into the market. The VIP account requires a deposit of $1900.

Once connected to any of these different accounts, users can invest within a wide range of unique financial instruments and at varying amounts. For IQ Option the minimum investment per trade is just $1, which is similarly the case for Exness. Overall, there is trading on both of these platforms for users of any requirement.

Exness Specific Offerings

Exness offers their users a medley of different financial instruments, learning materials, support and more. The best way to digest all of this is one step at a time, so let us look at this bit by bit.

  • Financial Instruments. This is one of the most important parts of any online trade room. With Exness, traders can get access to the markets like Forex, Indices, Energies, Cryptocurrencies and Metals. Each of these has a range of assets within them, through which users can buy and sell. The significant choice allows traders to create strategies and make complex movements toward generating profit, whether through Exness Forex options or their other instruments.
  • Practice Account. The demo is worth mentioning again because of its inherent benefits to all the facets of this platform. Through this practice option, users can gain experience and understanding of the markets they are working with and the various tools and layout that the platform utilises. It is another great tool in developing strategies and then running them through to test results.
  • Learning Tools. Exness presents their clients with access to a couple of training and analysis tools to help them improve their experience. Called the Exness Academy, this part of the platform helps new users get comfortable with the market, while ushering more veteran users into the more complicated aspects of the marketplace.
  • Minimal Costs. Exness has a very small intro deposit for their Mini account although there are obviously other costs involved with utilising this platform. These costs come in the form of commissions, deposit and withdrawal fees, and fixed and variable spreads. This means that many of the actions that users take on this platform will need a small consideration toward the platform itself.
  • Reliable Support. With potentially high volumes of trading done on their platform, Exness offers their users a 24/7 support system. Including a variety of ways to make contact, clients can be sure they will not encounter problems that have no solutions. This creates a secure environment for depositing, trading, and withdrawing.
  • Payment Options. Exness has support for a variety of payment options. This includes the likes of most credit card options as well as top eWallets like Skrill. There could perhaps be more offerings in this regard, since many different users will have their own option that they feel most comfortable with and therefore prefer to use for significant volumes.

Overall, Exness is a competent and diverse trading platform, competitive in many online markets.

IQ Option Specific Offerings

Exness Malaysia and South Africa has set an impressive benchmark, but IQ Option is more than ready to compete with any of the brokers available. Let us unfold the involved trade room that they have set up for their users.

  • Financial Instruments. When it comes to variety amongst their available markets, IQ Option sits on top. With access to over 500 assets across markets like Forex, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks, and their very popular options. The latter is often regarded as binary trading and has recently become a massive attraction to traders throughout the world.

Through derivative trading, users are presented with a binary choice of high or low and invest upon either outcome they think is achievable. Within these options, there is the standard binary as well as the popular digital options. These are based on specific time frames and pay out depending on how long the trade lasts and the derivative involved.

  • Practice Account. Like Exness, IQ Option also grants their users entry to a demo account to practice and learn. With this platform, users can easily switch between their main account and the demo at a click of a button, and then jump back just as easily. The strategies that can be created through this simple method are endless.
  • Learning Tools. IQ Option also has some learning resources available directly through the platform. From tutorials, to webinars and much more, users can learn the basics and the advanced material as they trade. With the VIP account, this offering is further expanded upon, with access to even a professional advisor to help improve trading potential.
  • Minimal Costs. While Exness has a lower minimum deposit for their basic account, IQ Option makes up for this with less underlying costs attached to the experience. Without any deposit fees or even commission, traders can make and break trades with ease. There are only fees attached to certain withdrawals and in the form of variable spreads that apply differently to certain instruments.
  • Reliable Support. Once again, IQ Option excels with regards to supporting features. With 24/7 support in a range of languages and from helpful and informed staff, users can engage with the markets in confidence. Whether through email, text, or live chat, there is always an easy way to get assistance on any question or problems that might arise.
Payment Options. IQ Option provides their users with over 20 types of payment options, including credit cards and most top eWallets. This impressive range allows their users to pick and choose whichever method they feel most at ease with and go from there. It is also testament to their global reach that so many different methods have been made available.


All in all, IQ Option has a greater display of variety within their offered experience. However, with any of these online brokers, it is up to the specifics required by the individual user that determines which is the best choice for them.

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