Trading and investing with Pocket Option
in Malaysia

January 11, 2021

Is Pocket Option trustworthy or a scam?

Pocket option binary trading platform is a trading agent that offers investors the opportunity to increase their investment quickly. The program is subject to review to define the reliability and security of its operations due to rumors of scam. In order to reaffirm its image, this company offers its operators a no deposit bonus for the minimum initial balance, under certain conditions.

Briefly About Pocket Option

Year founded
Broker type
Demo account
Minimum deposit
Web platform
Trading platform
Mobile app
Currency pairs, Cryptocurrency, Metals, Energy resources, Stocks
Web, MetaTrader 5
Available on iOS and Android

Demo account

For those who are not convinced to start investing with a real account, they can choose to start with a demo account. This can be done even without registration:

  • Open the Pocket Option web terminal
  • Choose demo account
  • Start trading with virtual $10,000 on deposit
    Pocket Option demo
    You are now ready for your simulation, which you can do even as an experienced trader. The advantage is that it is less cumbersome to close a training one than a real one. If you find that for some reason you don't want to stay on the platform, exiting a demo account is easy.

    This is a highly recommended alternative; If you are new to this environment, you will be able to practice your skills. In addition, this exercise will let you know if you want to go deeper or if you prefer to stay on the surface, without risking too much.

    The practice account can be closed and reopened if the first attempt resulted in losses. To open this account, just enter the e-mail and a password. You are asked to confirm the e-mail, the phone number and you will be ready to practice without risk.


    This platform has to its credit more than 130 assets. It has five categories: indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies and Forex. Being a fairly young broker (created in 2017), he took the opportunity to incorporate some important assets relegated by others into his trading.

    Among these assets are major digital currencies such as BTC and Ether. This allows them to capture that large sector of investors in cryptocurrencies. Pocket option offers on its portal all the information related to the traded goods, as well as the payment percentages.

    Another option offered by the website is information about the time during which the goods are available. Although it is known that OTC charts and digital currencies are accessible around the clock. The activity is continuous, although some assets have schedules.
    Pocket Option desktop app
    Pocket Option mobile app

    Pocket option trade types

    Pocket option make exhibitions of some particular characteristics that differentiate them from similar sites. Its modality consists of an expedited way to obtain payments. It is the simplest procedure among known binary options.

    Pocket option establishes two possibilities to choose from: high / low. A time frame is set within which a prediction is made. At the end of it, it is determined whether the asset rises or falls in price between the beginning and the end. These lapses move between 60 seconds and 4 hours.

    If you are looking to earn easy and immediate money, this option is ideal, since they pay almost instantly. It is also a good form of training for those who are not very proficient in binary options; the high / low option helps them cope skillfully within tight times.
    Pocket Option app

    Pocket option payments

    This broker is recognized for paying very well in the binary market. The minimum payment for correct predictions would be 50%; however, the usual is that the gain is between 80 and 100%. Some estimate that profits of up to 200% can be made.

    Generally, this type of business pays much better than other binary operations. A one-minute trade on Pocket option can add to your balance almost immediately. Withdrawal of that money can be made within 24 hours.

    Although, like any bet, it is usually risky. Many mistakes in predictions can leave an account without balance, also in minutes. The merchant must be careful with his available balance.

    Pocket option bonuses and promotions

    When an account with a real balance is entered, the platform grants a deposit bonus consisting of 50% of the invested amount. The higher the amount you open the account with, the more money you will receive as a bonus. The detail is that this bonus is not effective until you begin to actively participate in commercial operations.

    Until the market is intervened and the number of transactions established by the page is reached, it is not possible to withdraw the bonus. This is done to prevent speculators from opening the account, withdrawing your balance along with the bonus amount, and closing the account. The measure guarantees active participation in the activities of the platform.
    Pocket Option bonuses

    Mobile commerce

    Pocket option developed a mobile app from ITT rendex, LLC is enabled for Android and iOS phones; This greatly facilitates communication. Regardless of the equipment you have, it is possible to have access to market movements in real time.

    It is not complicated; they are the same functionalities of the website. The steps to process the high / low options are quite simple and very easy to install. On the other hand, the application does not generate any expenses, which makes it easy to always have the information about your investments at hand.

    There are installation requirements for iOS and Android. For the first one you need iOS 11.0, so an iPad works. Android 4.4 is required, in both cases other superior softwares are useful. This broker facilitates the trading and buying and selling of currencies using the MetaTrader 5 software, which is obtained free from the web.
    Pocket Option app

    Deposits and withdrawals

    This has no complications. It works like this: the registration is paid on the Pocket option site; the payment method is entered and a valid identification document is provided. Once this is done, you must deposit at least $50.

    Regarding withdrawals, a transaction can be validated with a minimum withdrawal of $10. While the forms of payment are very diverse and include methods such as Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards; Cryptos such as BTC, ETH, and Litecoin are also traded, among many others.

    Another important detail in this form of exchange is that these activities do not generate commissions. That is, unlike other agents, these are free transactions. However, when converting from one currency to another, some banking agencies charge an amount.

    It is advisable, in this sense, to be well informed about the fees and commissions that are charged when withdrawing money from Pocket option. That will allow you more control of your earnings. Also prevent external fees from taking away your balance.
    Pocket Option withdrawal
    Pocket Option deposit

    Special features

    Pocket option has multiple features that make your visit to this platform an incredible business experience. Creating an account with real money opens the doors to the following benefits:

    Social commerce

    It is very useful for users, especially those with little experience. This interaction allows you to get to know the other operators, observing their investment habits. In this way they learn to identify which ones are beneficial. Spotting the most skilled investors and traders can help you substantially improve your own performance.
    Pocket Option social commerce
    Pocket Option social commerce

    Indicators and signals

    The Pocket option user will always be aware of market variations. You can find out at every step if prices go up or down. This continuous monitoring allows you to identify when is the ideal time to make a certain transaction.


    These activities are very busy, since they are competitions with other operators. Here you have the possibility to get additional benefits and get some prizes. A prize can be large enough to increase your account substantially enough for subsequent transactions.

    Achievements can be as useful as dollar awards; in addition, they offer business advantages over other contenders. An achievement can be a bonus, a trading fund, or any other privilege to increase your chances of winning.

    For example, if a trader agrees to increase his pocket option minimum deposit account, he can qualify for a special bonus of $100. In addition, the more financial operations are carried out, the more opportunities there are to win special bonuses, prizes and some privileges. They can be even more useful than money at certain times.

    Customer Support

    It is a completely accessible service and is available 24/7. There's no way to get lost; Contact phone number (1 (800) 982-1251), email ( and address are easy to find on the website.

    They also have a presence on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among others. Your live interaction on the website is very informative and has no difficulty, just open and go. Now if you don't have time to socialize, just fill out the contact sheet on the website and wait for the response.

    Of all the options, the web page is the easiest to use. Even as a novice, it is a very friendly environment in which they will quickly feel comfortable. One of the advantages of the site is its tutorials and the very informative introductory videos.

    Pros and Cons of Pocket Option

    A platform for trading binary options is that it has enough features to guarantee an enriching experience. Among the advantages that pocket option offers, we can mention that it offers more than 130 goods, social commerce and games between operators. In addition, operations are executed with only $1.

    High profits are received, with immediate deposits and withdrawals in just one day. In addition, you can enter the system by creating an account for which you receive a 50% bonus on account of the opening amount. There are asset deals and expiration dates for everyone, whether they are short-term or long-term traders.

    Finally, it can be indicated that it is not only a platform subject to regulation; It is also accessible for 22 languages and in 95 different countries, including the United States. About 20,000 users conduct business on the website every day
    As no platform or application offers only benefits, of course, Pocket option also has its disadvantages. Some are listed here:

    1. There is only one kind of account.

    2. Its commercial modality is limited to the prediction between high and low options.

    3. It is not licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

    4. It is regulated by the IFMRRC, an independent regulatory body for online brokers. Although some requirements need to be met to be certified, it does not inspire confidence in some industries.
      Pocket Option

      Final thoughts

      In Pocket option new operators and experts interact to compete and earn much more money than in other similar sites. It is also an intuitive, easy-to-access site where you can beging training with a practice account whose purpose is to build user loyalty. This site has proven to be a broker in which you can have confidence that meets all the features offered on its web portal.

      In Malaysia, it is in the top 5 brokers for binary options trading. It owns a ranking of 8.6 / 10 points. The categories considered are asset coverage, financing, security, rates, mobile commerce, customer service and commercial experience.

      In South Africa, binary options trading has become popular. However, for legal reasons, South African traders should look for international brokers. This trading site is well positioned, being considered a very good alternative.

      That is why the pocket option review is so important in each country where the application is beginning to become popular among merchants. Thus, doubts about a supposed pocket option scam that damages the reputation of the site and undermines the confidence of investors are cleared up. Its popularity grows and its activities are increasingly in more countries.
      Pocket Option in Malaysia • 2021 Broker Review

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