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Ally Invest is an international online banking and lending Service Company. It also provides the facility of online trading and investment opportunities for its clients. The company in the international market is known as a Tradeking due to its creative ideas to invest money. Their commitment is to provide award-winning automated financing and Ally brokerage customer service.
April 11, 2020

Ally Invest Review: Fees, ETFs, Commissions

Usually, people hesitate to create accounts and investing through such online companies. This is because scammers are eagerly waiting to trap victims. But Ally invest provides you with the safest investing environment, where you can easily access your account and can keep track of your investments.

Probably, you must have heard a phrase 'discount brokerage', but the platform of Ally Invest is a clear example of this. The company offers the most affordable pricing structure with the mutual funds transaction fee, which is the lowest of its kind. This is one of the main reasons that make the company competitive in the global market.

Products offered
Stock, ETF, Fund, Bond, Options
Minimum deposit
Withdrawal fee amount

Online Banking Services :

The online banking service by Ally Invest is comfortable for everybody. It facilitates you with a convenient Online banking experience. It allows checking the interest and comparing it with other banks, before saving your funds. Ally Invest staff works 24/7 to provide you with a satisfactory customer care service. You can contact them anytime and anywhere you want. The rates of return on savings are comparatively high.

Daily compounded interest makes your saving performance stronger and better, with higher returns. Moreover, Ally invest account is easy to link with any existing US bank account in order to transfer your savings profit. Not just for savings, but you can also lend money from the bank in the form of loans and overdrafts, such as home loans.

How to Use :

Ally Bank allows you to access your bank account no matter where you are. The website is clearly designed and a fine-tuned service app (with clutter-free experience) is available for iOS and Android devices. The Ally app is easy to use: you don't need to watch numerous tutorials to get a hold of its options. To check your account balance in a hurry, you just have to use your account snapshot and it's done. A simple menu will help you with managing all your activities. You can use multiple accounts on a single device and switch between them with ease.

Investment Choices :

Ally Invest offers you a wide range of choices that you might consider before investing, which are as follows:


ETF is an option for all in which you can invest. ETF stands for an exchange-traded fund that is exchanged on the exchange market. An ETF can be securities such as stocks, commodities and bonds. They operate in such a mechanism that keeps the trading close to its net asset value. The best thing about it is that the trading of ETFs on Ally Invest is commission-free.


Another type of investment is Options. Options are the contract that assigns the owner an authority to purchase and sell an asset at a fixed price, but for a specific period, which is known as the strike price. This provides the investors with an advantage, minimising the risk of investment. Options can be used to protect gains and to cut losses. This type of investment is highly recommendable if you are one of those who do day trading.


Investing in the form of Bonds is a smart choice as the principal amount remains unchanged. Bonds are loans given to a corporation or a government in return for interest. Once the bond gets mature, the issuer pays back your principal amount along with the full interest on it. Each Bond has different characteristics. Usually, the higher interest in bonds, the riskier the investment would be.

In mutual funds, multiple investors purchase a group of securities. Due to the investment made in different commodities or a number of securities, the mutual funds are considered as comparatively less risky. Ally Invest allows you to choose from more than 12000 funds, but some of them may charge an Ally Invest fee. Also, it doesn't require any minimum deposit to start your investment in mutual funds.


Forex stands for foreign exchange market. It is known as the world's most traded market. Through Ally Invest, you can trade currencies in over than 50 currency pairs (including gold and silver) in real-time. The trading service of Ally Invest provides you with a valuable research and analysis.

The trade prices are highly competitive. Furthermore, Ally Invest allows you to access the powerful trading platform along with a full suite of trading tools, 24/7 market access and a practice account, so you can hone your investing approaches.

Pros and Cons of Ally Invest
Pros of Ally Invest :

  • Online Banking Services integrated with Investment Platform
  • No minimum requirement to open an account
  • Wide variety of products
  • The InvestLIVE platform is customizable
  • 24/7 customer care service
  • Active traders will be offered discounts

Cons of Ally Invest:

  • No physical interaction with the company
  • No practice trading platform available for beginners
  • Investment in mutual funds require a transaction fee
  • To close or transfer the IRA account fee is paid

Bottom Line :

In today's time, a platform like Ally Invest reserves immense importance for all the investors and people who are planning for retirement and long-term benefits. Considering the world economic condition, consumers that tend to consume more are now saving for the unforeseeable future. The trend in saving has also increased, as consumer confidence has declined. In such a situation, Ally Invest serves those people most conveniently.
Moreover, it has solved many of their issues, for instance: money transferring from one account to another; keeping track of their investment; comparing the return on savings. Thus, Ally Invest is worth considering for active traders.

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