FBS Review

September 30, 2021
Forex broker FBS Markets Inc. has been in business since 2009, when it first began trading on the international financial markets. This essay will show all the details of this broker activity.

What is FBS?

FBS is an ECN / STP broker, which means that the broker offers traders with the best quotations, which are chosen from among all liquidity providers in order to minimize the spread to the bare minimum. FBS uses ECN / STP technology to provide traders with the best quotes. As a result, clients gain direct access to the international currency market, with trade orders being processed directly through the dealing center without the involvement or influence of the dealing center, thereby eliminating the issue of a conflict of interest between the broker and the trader, which was previously present. Each and every transaction made by a customer of the broker is handled automatically. The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) regulates FBS services and operations.
The following are some facts regarding the company:

  • Established in 2009, an international broker with a variety of regulations
  • Forex trading is his area of expertise.
  • More than 2.5 million dealers and active partners are involved in the business.
  • Program of charitable giving and sponsorship
  • Bonus packages that are interesting
  • The majority of clients are in Asia.
  • no PAMM accounts
  • not suitable for short-term trading, such as scalping
  • protection against negative balance
  • large selection of trading instruments
  • 24/7 customer service
  • low minimum deposit

FBS Pros and Cons

Is FBS safe or a scam?

The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize regulates FBS internationally, and the company has offices in many Asian countries, including China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. Following is a list of the businesses regulated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation:
Licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under license number 426359, Intelligent Financial Markets Pty Ltd is a financial services provider.
A license IFSC/000102/124 is issued to FBS Markets Inc, which has its headquarters at 2118 Guava Street, Belize Belama Phase 1, Belize. FBS Markets Inc is governed by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).
Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Republic of Cyprus, with business registration number 353534, has authorized and regulated Tradestone Ltd., a Cyprus-based financial services firm.
License number 50885 issued by the Financial Services Commission of South Africa to FBS Markets Pty Ltd.
FBS keeps all client funds separate from its operational capital and provides monthly statements, but it does not provide negative balance protection to Malaysian customers. Furthermore, FBS has some of the largest leverage levels accessible at any broker, with certain account types offering up to 3000:1 leverage. On its commission-free accounts, it also only needs a small initial deposit of one to five dollars (USD), which, when combined with the high leverage, makes it impossible to maintain a significant trading position without being stopped out and losing all of the money in your trading account. All in all, it seems that the broker has made an unwise decision.

In spite of the fact that FBS is only regulated by two top-tier agencies (ASIC and CySEC), the company does separate client money from its own, has a lengthy track record of behavior, and offers monthly disclosures to its customers. The overall consensus is that FBS is an excellent broker to trade with, however traders should be mindful of the 2020 data breach and continue with caution.

FBS demo account

Demo FBS

A demo account is highly recommended for novices who want to experiment with this broker. This is a virtual money account that contains virtual money. You may trade without taking any risks. It's the same as if you were dealing with real money. For novices, using a demo account is the most effective method to practice and build a strategy. Additionally, advanced traders may use it to experiment with new markets or techniques. FBS provides a completely free and limitless demo account.

FBS account types

FBS account types
In comparison to most other brokers, FBS provides a greater variety of account kinds that are appropriate for both novice and experienced traders.

Five distinct account kinds are available at FBS, each of which is suitable for both new and experienced traders.


Clearly, leverage increases your trading size by multiplying your starting amount, thus opening up huge possibilities for greater profits. As is customary, leverage is provided based on a variety of variables, including your degree of experience, your location, the instrument you trade, and whether or not you are subject to regulatory limitations. Therefore,

While trading with a European business allows for a maximum leverage ratio of 1:30 on popular currency pairings, international FBS may provide leverage ratios as high as almost amazing 1:1000 or even 1:3000 at times.
However, always remember to understand how to leverage your money wisely in order to maximize your gains while minimizing your chance of losing it quickly. Indeed, maximum leverage entails a significant risk of loss in conjunction with a large potential for gain, which may not be the ideal choice for really beginners.

Account opening in FBS Malaysia

The account opening procedure is simple and quick.

To establish an account with FBS, Malaysian traders must satisfy the following minimum deposit amounts:
Cent: 1 USD
Micro: 5 USD
Standard: 100 USD
Zero Spread: 500 USD
ECN: 1000 USD

Joining FBS is simple and quick. Accounts for corporations and joint ventures are also available via FBS.
To begin, click "Open Account" and provide your name and email address.
Then choose a Real or Demo Account.
Then provide your complete name, phone number, email address, and birthday. You must also choose your base currency, platform (MT5 first, then MT4), and leverage. Click here for more details about FBS' basic currencies.
After this, FBS requires two papers to approve you as an individual client:
  1. Photocopy of your passport (in PDF or JPG format) — current (not expired).
  2. Without a passport, an ID card or driver's license with your picture will do.
Following this, you must make a minimum deposit into your selected account using one of FBS' deposit options.
Your papers will be verified within 48 hours. If your papers are accepted and your personal area is completely enabled, your deposits will be credited.

Before trading, please read FBS' risk notice, client agreement, and terms of business.

Accounts are usually available to trade within 48 hours after being opened at FBS.

FBS fees and spreads

FBS_Narrow_Spreads_Screenshot from fbs.com
FBS's spreads vary by account type and location. The worldwide company charges a spread of 3.0 pips on EUR/USD on its Micro account, 1.1 on Standard and Cent accounts, and zero on Zero and ECN accounts.

Within the EU, the spread is same at 0.7 pips for both Standard and Cent accounts. Our study was delighted to see that the Zero and ECN accounts offered reasonable spreads.

On the Zero Spread account, the worldwide branch charges a set fee of $ 20 per lot; on the ECN account, the cost is $ 6. Additionally, it charges $ 3 for stock transactions and $ 25 for contract for difference (CFD) trading. Commissions are 0.05 percent for establishing and closing positions on the broker's crypto trading account.

FBS imposes an overnight rollover fee (swap-free transactions are possible) and a € 5 cancellation cost on transactions that took advantage of price latency. Accounts that have been inactive for 180 days will incur a € 5 monthly cost.


As for the trading service itself, FBS provides transparent trading conditions through the use of popular instruments such as forex and metals, which are all connected by split-second execution through the STP model. FBS also invests in technology to make the trading process smoother and more convenient, which is complemented by the powerful execution provided by the technology it uses.
However, we believe that the range of instruments is rather limited, with approximately 40 currency pairs, including exotic ones, and 6 indices based on CFD trading, as well as Metals and Energies, being offered. Other brokers should be considered if you prefer to trade stocks, futures, or a broader range of instruments than those offered by the first.

Trading Platform

FBS expedites order execution by using a non-dealing desk (NDD) system with STP. Clients may access the markets through one of two platforms after registration and login.
Broker Meta Trader 4 (MT4) is a market-leading trading platform that FBS customers may download for their own computers. The trading platform is equipped with a number of functionalities, including the following:
  • Expert Advisors (EA) service and APIs for one-click execution and copy trade
  • Numerous technical indicators and charting tools are available.
  • Clients that use a virtual private server get assistance (VPS
Additionally, FBS's worldwide branch provides MT4 MultiTerminal, which enables customers to manage several accounts concurrently.
MetaTrader 5This broker's portfolio has recently expanded to include MT5 integration. This platform is a recent upgrade to MT4 that provides more flexibility and includes the following features:
  • Hedging and netting are two terms that are used interchangeably.
  • Perspective on the market from a distance
  • Additional indications of technological nature
  • Additionally, there are other order kinds and durations.
Both MT4 and MT5 are also accessible without the need for a download through the WebTrader service. This service is compatible with all operating systems and includes all of the original software's functionality.

Customer Support

The last aspect of this FBS evaluation is the level of assistance and service provided to investors. Every client of FBS has access to phone, email, and live chat assistance. Support is accessible in a number of languages and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Aside from that, every trader receives personalized assistance in the form of an account manager, who can assist you with commonly asked questions.

Aside from that, we took a careful look at the service provided to traders. FBS has a significant presence in the Asian area. For beginning traders, there are events and mentoring available. In addition, the most successful traders are awarded awards and get a substantial bonus. The website offers webinars and tutoring for traders at all levels, whether they are novices or experts in their field. Finally, FBS is one of the brokers that provides its customers with the finest and most personalized service possible.

Facts about customers care:

  • Support is available around the clock.
  • Various communication methods such as phone, email, and online chat
  • Local Events
  • Coaching and webinars are available.


Is FBS legit?

FBS is a legal company that is governed by rules issued by reputable organizations.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the corporation that owns FBS's European branch, which is located in Cyprus (CySEC).

The International Financial Services Commission of Belize is in charge of overseeing the international branch (IFSC).

How to withdraw funds from FBS?

In your Personal Area, you may withdraw funds. Login to your trading account and proceed to the Dashboard. Go to "Personal Area," which deals with all profile problems. Click "Finances" in the top menu, then click "Withdrawal".

Select a payment method and click it. Your trading account must be specified.

Describe your e-wallet or payment system account. If you're withdrawing via card, click "+" to upload the back and front of your card. Then you enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Please click on "Confirm withdrawal".

With FBS, you can track the progress of your financial requests in the Transaction History. So, you know where the withdrawal request is at any given time.

FBS_Payment system_Screenshot from fbs.com
FBS_Payment system_Screenshot from fbs.com


FBS is a major online worldwide STP/ECN broker with five active accounts and average trading conditions compared to other international brokers. Entry-level accounts have minimal minimum deposits and micro-lot trading, whereas higher-level accounts have low spreads. However, FBS imposes exorbitant withdrawal fees and only provides USD and EUR accounts. Apart from its own trading software, FBS supports MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, and provides a VPS service for traders depositing over 450 USD. FBS also provides great instructional and market research resources, as well as 24/7 customer service.
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