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IQ Option vs. Roboforex Comparison
April 11, 2020
IQ Option vs. Roboforex Comparison
World statistics show that less than 5 percent of people know what financial independence is. The vast majority are forced to spend about a third of their lives at work, while not being able to go on a pleasant trip or have a quality rest. However, every smart and active person will always find a way to success. After all, he knows how to use all the possibilities and his brain. Moreover, modern technology makes it possible to make money away from home, while on vacation or even in a dream. The main condition is the availability of an Internet connection and the correct choice of a quality broker.

Therefore, the first step on the road to financial success is choosing the right company that can provide the maximum number of benefits and provides the best level of security. There are many brokers on the internet offering their services, but you need the best one. This review will tell you about the IQ Option and RoboForex platforms, as well as provide a comparative analysis.

How trading works

Trading is a broad concept that includes various strategies and features. But there are basic principles of this process. The fact is that online exchanges offer users to make money on changes in the rate of assets (this can be cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, company shares, raw materials, etc.). The value indicators change every minute, and the trader's task is to conduct a thorough analysis and predict the course of events. A correct forecast can bring profit from 50 to 180% depending on the chosen method. Of course, you need a reliable broker that guarantees security and provides the client with the greatest number of options. In the Roboforex review, we will also tell you about the main types of binary options that can bring profit to the client.

• Turbo-Options. The most profitable form of earnings, which also contains very high risk. The main difference is that the expiration time here is 1-5 minutes, so it is very difficult to make a qualitative analysis. However, a correct forecast can bring up to 180% profit;

• Digital-Options. An excellent choice for those who prefer less risk and guaranteed profits. Because here the expiration time is from a week to a month. The trader has the opportunity to conduct fundamental analysis and draw conclusions. The profit is slightly less here, but the risks are also small;

• Call/Put. The most common type of binary options. The main task of the trader is to guess how the value of the selected asset will change after a certain period. If it falls, select the "Put" option, if it rises - "Call". A professional trader can accurately determine the direction of price movement and make good money;

• Touch/No-Touch. In this case, for each asset, a certain border is determined (above or below the current value). The user decides whether the price will reach this boundary (Touch) or not (no-Touch). If the "touch" option is selected and the condition is met, the trader can take the profit before the expiration date ends;

• In/Out. Here, for each option or asset, two boundaries (upper and lower) are defined, forming a corridor. The trader analyzes the situation and chooses whether the price will be inside this corridor after the specified period (In) or leave it (Out). The correct forecast brings profit in the amount of 80-120%, depending on the selected asset;

• Spread. A tool for real trading professionals. Because here it is necessary not only to predict the development of the asset value but to indicate the exact value after the expiration period ends. A complex but very profitable tool for making money.

Brokers who can be a great choice

The first step towards making money is choosing the right and reliable partner who will provide the highest level of reliability and offer the greatest number of benefits. This mt4 Roboforex and IQ Option review will show you the best service to help you on your way to financial success.

History of the company

Roboforex is one of the oldest brokers on the market. The exchange began operations in 2009 after being officially registered in Belize. Today the site is one of the most popular, with several million users using its services. There are official representations in several countries, and international licenses allow you to legally work almost all over the world.

IQ Option appeared on the Internet in 2013. The registered address is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The main priorities of the company were to provide reliable protection to users and provide a wide range of trading tools. Traders quickly realized these benefits and the service quickly became very popular. Today, the exchange's clients are about 40 million people, and the total volume of transactions for the year exceeds $4 billion.


One of the main factors to pay attention to when registering. IQ Option and Roboforex use the most modern encryption systems and SSL version 3.0 protocols. This protocol contains a 256-bit code that encrypts all personal data, information about transactions, and payment cards. Therefore, a fraudster will not be able to find out your codes and use this information. Besides, the security service monitors the manifestation of suspicious activity and conducts operational investigations in case of violation of the rules. Also, when paying out funds, you must confirm your identity by going through the verification procedure. This process ensures that the registered trader will receive the profit from successful trades.

Deposit limits

Any user who has reached the age of majority can start the path to success and become a client of Roboforex mt4 or IQ Option. The registration procedure is fast, simple, and convenient. Now the path to financial success is open to a new user, it is enough to have only a small start-up capital. The minimum deposit for IQ Option clients is $10. Moreover, this amount is sufficient to make ten minimum investments ($1 limit).

The Roboforex exchange offers even more interesting conditions for clients. Roboforex minimum deposit is $10, but the client can open a cent account and make transactions from 1 cent. Of course, the profit will not be big here, but this will allow you to minimize risks and improve your skills in practice.

Demo account

Trading has many different principles and strategies, so each user should choose the best one. Brokers offer the best training conditions in practice. The user can open a Roboforex demo account or activate the same option on the IQ Option website. After that, 10,000 virtual dollars will be credited to his deposit. This money can be used to conclude transactions on binary options, according to real quotes. The profit from them will also be virtual, but this approach will give you invaluable experience. Thanks to the Roboforex or IQ Option demo account, you can try out the best strategies, make comparisons, and become a real professional without the risk of losing real money.

Teaching materials

Both exchanges care about customers, their convenience, and their safety. Therefore, the service page has a section with answers to the most popular questions and a section with training materials. This is a very useful option for beginners or just traders who want to progress. Here the client can read about market news, familiarize himself with new strategies, read advice from successful traders, etc. Remember that knowledge and information are very important wealth. IQ Option and Roboforex provide you with access to them.

Payment systems

The client of the service must make a profit quickly and be guaranteed. Therefore, IQ Option and Roboforex brokers cooperate only with reliable and popular payment systems. For example, an IQ Option client can use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro credit cards, WebMoney, Qiwi, Skrill, Neteller e-wallets, and even withdraw money in cryptocurrency on the Blockchain. A RoboForex trader can also receive payments to credit cards and e-wallets (including Yandex or JCB). The minimum payout is $20, and at the first transaction, you must go through the verification procedure, confirming your identity and payment details. This is how the highest level of security is achieved.

Design of the official site

IQ Option and RoboForex companies make sure that trading is convenient and enjoyable. The high-quality design of the official page does not tire the eyes, so you can maintain efficiency for a long time. Besides, the right functionality lowers the entry threshold and allows you to quickly find the desired section or close the first deal. And dozens of language versions of the site make trading more understandable for you.

Mobile app

Thanks to modern technology, a trader can make money anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. It is enough to download and install the IQ Option or Roboforex mobile trader app on your device. The program has excellent functionality and high-quality design, and most importantly, it runs on all modern mobile phones or tablets (iOS and Android). What's more, good optimization ensures a stable connection even on a weak internet, so you can trade effectively 24/7.

Number of assets

IQ option and Roboforex sites allow users to earn on those assets that are most understandable for them. Each exchange offers over 30 different options, including binary options, cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, company stocks, securities, gold, materials, raw materials, etc.). Choose the area where you are a specialist and make money now.

Profitability of transactions

Trading in assets and binary options is a profitable business. The percentage of profit from a successful forecast can range from 40 to 200%, depending on the selected type. According to statistics, IQ Option clients offer an average yield of 95%, and Robofoex - at 87%. The path to success is made easy with a trusted broker and your analytical mind.

Flexible settings

For maximum efficiency, the trader must constantly monitor the situation and close the deal with the best profit. This requires a chart that allows you to determine the optimal entry and exit points. IQ Option and Roboforex services offer the user a flexible set of settings. He can add to the chart those signals and indicators that are most important to him. Thanks to this, you can improve the efficiency of trading.

Robotic trading

Another nice feature from IQ Option and Roboforex. The services allow you to connect a special robot that will make trading automated. The main task is to download the licensed version and configure it correctly. After that, the robot will monitor all available trades, offering all the best options, close them on time with a maximum profit or minimum loss.

Special offers

Segment leaders offer customers unique opportunities. For example, IQ Option organizes various paid or free tournaments with a good prize pool. The user's task is to register (or buy an entrance ticket), and then wait for the tournament to start. After that, one thousand virtual dollars are credited to the account. You need to get the maximum profit in the allotted time.

Another company offers a nice Roboforex bonus of $20, which can be spent on making deals. It turns out that the path to financial success can be started without investment by using the right welcome bonuses or winning free tournaments.

Support service

Convenience and care for the user are the main priorities of IQ Option and Roboforex companies. Therefore, the sites always have a professional support service available 24/7. A hotline telephone or e-mail is available for communication with employees. In the first case, you can get a quick answer (employees speak different languages), in the second, you can attach the necessary documents to the letter.

Premium account

Another opportunity for IQ Option or Roboforex users that will make the path to financial success more enjoyable is a premium account. Such a client receives priority in the queue for the payment of profits, the help of a personal manager, increased profitability on transactions, access to special tournaments, and many other benefits.

Final Thoughts

Choose a reliable broker, go through the registration procedure, and start your path to financial independence with Roboforex or IQ Option.

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