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IQ Option vs. SureTrader
April 11, 2020

Suretrader: Fees, Pros and Cons, Commissions

Success can be different: personal, sports, family, etc. It is wonderful when a person feels happy and contented. Interestingly, the most important factors along the way are talent and desire to achieve a goal. Money only helps us and gives us great opportunities. Therefore, the availability of additional capital can be regarded as an advantage.
The problem is that, according to statistics, a large number of people live below or near the poverty line. Therefore, they are forced to work hard and receive the minimum wage, abandoning the realization of their potential. But an active person will always find an excellent way out of the situation. For example, trading offers to make good money every day. To start the path to success, you need to come of age, have access to the Internet, and minimum start-up capital. Besides, a reliable broker will be an excellent helper along the way. This IQ Option vs. Suretrader review will help you make the right choice.

Principles and features of trading

Trading is a complex concept that includes a huge number of factors and strategies. The main principle is to make money on fluctuations in the asset rate according to the "buy cheaper, sell more expensive" principle. The reason is that the price of an asset (stocks, binary options, currencies, etc.) changes every second. The client's task is to analyze the situation, predict changes, and make the right decision. A successful transaction can bring from 50 to 180% of the profit. Of course, you also need to choose a reliable broker, the right strategy, and the most convenient type of income. Today, the IQ Option and Suretrader platform offer various options for trading binary options.

  • Digital-option. The type of options that professional traders often choose. Here the expiration time is long (from a week to a month), so it is possible to carry out fundamental and technical analysis. Reliability and predictability attract many, but the percentage of profit is less here.
  • Turbo-option. An option for traders who prefer risk and big rewards. Due to the short expiration time (from a minute to five), the client can make a large number of transactions every day, and an excellent percentage of profit allows you to quickly achieve success. But this method is riskier because it is difficult to conduct a serious analysis here.
  • Call/Put. The classic type of options, where a trader must determine the value of an asset soon and choose the appropriate option. In case the price is higher, the "Call" option is selected. If below - "Put". The correct forecast brings profit at the level of 50-150%, depending on the selected type of asset.
  • Touch/No-touch. When choosing this type of option, the chart gets the rate boundary (it can be higher or lower than the current value). The trader analyzes the situation and predicts whether the rate will reach the specified value (Touch) or not (No-Touch). If the Touch option is selected and the condition is met, then the profit is received even before the expiration time expires.
  • Call/Put. The classic type of options, where a trader must determine the value of an asset soon and choose the appropriate option. In case the price is higher, the "Call" option is selected. If below - "Put". The correct forecast brings profit at the level of 50-150%, depending on the selected type of asset.
Spread. Another tool for professionals. Because here it is necessary not only to determine the direction of movement of the asset but also to indicate the final value. This is available only to real professionals who can think analytically and draw the right conclusions. However, the percentage of profitability is very high here.

The broker you need

The right broker becomes your trusted partner on the road to financial success. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a company that provides customers with the largest list of opportunities and provides a high level of security. In this article, we will cover the main features of the Suretrader and IQ Option trading platforms.

General information about the exchange

IQ Option started the road to success in 2013. The address of the official registration of the exchange is the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The main priorities for the company are the convenience and safety of customers. Therefore, the company was able to quickly become popular and take place among the leaders of the segment. According to statistics, today there are millions of users of the service, and every year hundreds of thousands of transactions are registered on the site (the total amount exceeds several billion dollars).
SureTrader is a division of Swiss America Securities, Ltd., founded in 2008. The broker is registered in the Bahamas and is regulated by the Bahamas Securities Commission. It is a good option for trading due to a user-friendly website, a large set of assets, and an excellent reputation. There are many positive Suretrader reviews on the internet from real users to prove this.

Licenses and legality

The company's activities in your country must be legal and transparent for the tax authorities. This will ensure that the trader is making a legal profit and does not break the law. IQ Option has all the necessary international licenses and officially operates in dozens of countries. The international regulator acts as a third party in resolving disputes in the courts, and also guarantees clients mandatory profit payments and insures their account.
SureTrader is overseen by the Bahamas Securities Commission. The islands have an offshore jurisdiction for companies providing financial services. This firm also has an excellent reputation and allows clients to make safe and legal transactions. If a problem arises, the user turns to an international regulator for help.

User safety

Convenience and reputation are important, but the client must be confident in the level of security, and the fraudster cannot hack into his account. Therefore, companies use the most modern security systems. SSL 3.0 encrypts personal data (billing information, list of transactions, account passwords, etc.) using dynamic 256-bit code. Such a cipher is very difficult to break, so the client does not have to worry about protecting the account. Besides, security personnel constantly monitor suspicious activity and quickly block scammer profiles. This allows you to make IQ Option or Suretrader day trading as safe as possible.

The site you like

Real professionals worked on the creation of the official pages of IQ Option and Suretrader. Therefore, the sites turned out to be stylish and informative. A pleasant color scheme allows you to quickly see all the necessary information and maintain concentration for several hours of trading. Moreover, a high-quality layout simplifies the registration procedure and provides quick access to the replenishment of the deposit and the trading platform. The page also has many language versions (IQ Option - 18, Suretrader - 14), which creates a minimum entry threshold for traders from different countries.

User support

Companies strive to create the most comfortable trading conditions for their clients. If the user is faced with a problematic situation, he can visit the "FAQ" section, which contains answers to the most popular questions. Moreover, the site has a professional support service available 24/7. The company's employees speak several languages so that the user can receive fast and qualified assistance over the phone. E-mail is also available where you can attach the necessary documents and ask a question. The support staff will study the problem situation and quickly provide qualified assistance.

Information section

Each trader can become a true professional, and IQ Option and Suretrader companies offer this opportunity to their clients. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to a section with information that will be useful to both beginners and advanced users. It contains articles about market news, various forecasts, and tips, stories of professional traders, as well as analysis of modern and classic strategies. Information is an invaluable treasure these days, and you can access it free thanks to the IQ Option and Suretrader platforms.

IQ Option and Suretrader demo account

Another important option that allows you to reduce the risks of trading. Because now you can apply the theoretical knowledge gained in practice, without fear of losing real money. Just activate the IQ Option or Suretrader demo account and get 10,000 virtual dollars to your account. This amount can be used to conclude any transactions according to real quotes. Therefore, a trader can experiment with strategies, learn more about the market, useful indicators, and signals. Of course, it won't make a profit, but your losses will also be virtual.

IQ Option and Suretrader mobile app

Modern technologies give us a lot of opportunities. For example, owners of mobile phones or tablets can trade on the IQ Option or Suretrader mac, iOS and Android platforms wherever they have Internet access. The app is specially designed and optimized to provide a stable connection even with a weak signal. Moreover, the program has full functionality, and a high-quality layout allows you to quickly understand the possibilities and conclude a profitable deal. Thanks to the mobile application IQ Option and Suretrader app, you can make the path to success as convenient and efficient as possible.

IQ Option and Suretrader minimum deposit

IQ Option creates the best conditions for its clients. Any user who has reached the age of majority and has a small start-up capital can start the path to success and register on the site. The minimum limit for replenishing the deposit is $10. This amount can be used to conclude any transaction. The minimum transaction limit is $1.
The Suretrader platform has a higher barrier to entry. To start trading on the site, you will need to replenish a deposit of $500 minimum. This money is enough to conclude 100 transactions at a minimum rate ($5). Your success depends on your decisions and actions.

Number of assets

Now you can close your first successful trade. But the most effective path to success will be if the trader is knowledgeable in the field of trading and knows the principles of asset pricing. Therefore, IQ Option and Suretrader offer a large number of different assets. A new client can choose from over 30 (Suretrader) or 40 (IQ Option) different assets. It has currencies, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, binary options, company stocks, raw materials, gold, oil, and precious metals at its disposal. The companies also provide access to the international Forex market, where you can make money on fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Deposit replenishment

You can get real profit after a successful transaction. But for this, you need to replenish the deposit. Companies care about the security and protection of payment data, so they only work with trusted systems. A Suretrader and IQ Option user can replenish a deposit using a bank card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) or electronic wallets (Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, Qiwi, etc.) IQ Option clients also have access to Blockchain cryptocurrency technology. The minimum payment limit is $20, and the first time you need to go through the verification procedure to confirm your identity.
Suretrader broker accepts credit and debit card deposits. With this method, withdrawing the deposited funds costs 3.5% of the withdrawal amount. For withdrawal of a deposit through ACH and electronic wallets (Skrill and Neteller), a fee of $40 is charged. The minimum payout limit is $100.

Profitability you love

This is one of the important factors influencing the user's choice. According to statistics, the average profitability from transactions on the Suretrader website is 84%, and on the IQ Option website - 89%. Much depends on the type of asset (from 45% on Forex to 200% on turbo options). Moreover, the ability to use leverage allows you to conclude large trades and make excellent profits.

Flexible settings

Trading should be comfortable - it helps to be more efficient. The Suretrader and IQ Option websites took care of the clients and provided a large set of individual settings. This allows you to place on the chart those signals and indicators that a trader needs and track them in real-time. Convenience and functionality are the main components of a successful transaction.

Trading Robot

The sites also allow you to connect special algorithms for automated trading. You just need to download the Suretrader or IQ Option program, configure it, and connect it to your account. A professional robot will be able to qualitatively determine the best moment to conclude a trade and close it with a maximum profit or minimum loss (set the stop loss correctly). Moreover, it can work for you 24/7.

Premium account

IQ Option and Suretrader customers who pay for a premium account get a set of additional options. Now they will be assisted by a personal assistant, there will be a priority in the queue when withdrawing money, an increased percentage of profit on transactions, or the opportunity to take part in special tournaments. A professional broker is always able to offer more to traders.

Additional features

IQ Option clients have access to an excellent opportunity to compare their strengths with other traders. You just need to buy a paid ticket or register for a free tournament. After the start, each user receives $1000 for trading. The task is to get the maximum profit within a certain period. The best participants receive great cash prizes.

Let a reliable broker - Suretrader or IQ Option - be your partner in trading.

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