Cryptocurrency Trading in Nigeria

Exploring the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading and the aspects surrounding it. Looking deep into the details that make up a good crypto platform and just how to get started trading.
April 11, 2020

Learning the Ropes of How to Trade Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency trading is getting more and more popular each and every day.

New digital currencies are also being made regularly and more trading options are developing around them. The most popular cryptocurrency is still the famous bitcoin and this is very much the case with trading crypto as well. Many broker platforms that deal with cryptocurrency will have at least bitcoin trading available to their users.

One of the perks of cryptocurrency is that it is completely digital and as such can be obtained online and every around the world. Different countries will have different regulations on this rapidly growing form of currency, but many are starting to adopt them into their operations. This also means that the crypto traders South Africa have can trade with other from pretty much everywhere else in the world.

While cryptocurrency trading is moving around the world, there are a few places traders can reliably go to get access to these markets. The online brokers that deal with these assets have developed custom trade rooms to accommodate these trades.

The more traders joining these communities, the more growth the platforms and markets will see.

Looking into Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency bitcoin came into the market as early as 2009.

Before we dive into the exciting world of trading cryptocurrency we should first perform the necessary due diligence and discuss cryptocurrency itself. After all, the more information gathered about the asset to be traded on, the more likely those trades are to be successful.

Cryptocurrency is a completely digital currency that is 'mined' through block chain. This is a slightly complex process whereby the processing power of computers around the world are used to decrypt an intricate web of code. This connects the currency in a way that no other currencies can be connected and allows for instant and secure transfers online.

This also means that there are a limited number of possible units for each of these cryptocurrencies and that anyone can monitor the flow of these currencies. As one might imagine, this makes trading with these assets very interesting and subject to rapid changes.

It is even more important to be aware of how these assets shift in order to trade cryptocurrency.

Factors Affecting Crypto Value

Like any asset, cryptocurrency is heavily influenced by certain external factors.

So, to properly look into the cryptocurrency trading platforms South Africa and others have access to, we must look at the factors that affect the value of these unique assets. These are a few of the main aspects that play the most substantial role in this process.

  • Limited Supply. We have touched on this earlier, the limited supply of these assets means that eventually no more of these specific units will be added to the pool. For bitcoin for instance, the maximum number possible is 21 million. At this point, no new coins can be mined from the current block chain network. For bitcoin trading Philippines and beyond this can send significant ripples across the market.

This will play several roles on the price of the currency. Firstly, as they are released, the value will change, especially because they are mined from all around the world and the number available changes quite rapidly. Then also, once the maximum has been reached, there will be further fluctuations as others react to this and the market settles a bit.

  • Competitive Market. Another important piece of the cryptocurrency trading South Africa and the world over, is the inherent competition found within this marketplace. With so many different digital currencies, there is a constant competitive angle as they jostle for attention and market value. As confidence in one of these assets grows, it may fall in the others. Being mindful of where this attention may fall is critical to knowing where to invest.
  • Public Opinion. Digital currencies have been around for over a decade now and yet there is still mixed opinion over their value and use. Public opinion holds a significant amount of power when it comes to determining market value and this is even more the case with assets as volatile as these digital ones.

On top of this, the block chain connection they all share means that users can monitor the network and observe substantial changes in the positions and holding of these currencies. If someone with a lot of a particular currency decides to suddenly start selling, it will create a significant chain reaction that may result in massive changes in the value of these assets.

  • Significant Events. This is a factor commonly found on most tradable assets. Large scale events can have dramatic effects on the value of most assets. This is even more so with the digital cryptocurrencies because they lack a physical connection. This means that global changes and announcements can have large scale effects on the value of these currencies.
  • Regulation and Integration. A final factor that plays a large role in the values of bitcoin trading South Africa and the world over, is the regulations involved and the integration rate. Crypto is fundamentally still a new form of asset compared to all the others on the market. This means that there are regulations in place that govern its use and accessibility to different countries.

Additions and subtractions of these regulations have a large effect on the values of these currencies and can create rapid changes. The same applies to the integration side of these assets, where regulations generally have a significant sway over. The more people on board and able to work with crypto, the more its value will rise and remain stable.

All in all, there are some important factors that play a role in the value of cryptocurrency and it is important to keep an eye on each of these while trading.

How to Start Trading Crypto

In order to trade cryptocurrency, the first thing one has to do is find an online broker.

By now, we are all wondering how does cryptocurrency trading work in the real world. We have seen the factors that determine the prices of each of these digital coins but let us now examine the actual trading experience.

There are a lot of different platforms available online that have a deliberate focus on the craft of cryptocurrency trading. Whether users live in South Africa, Philippines or any other place that permits crypto trading, there will be something online that supports their endeavours.

So, looking for a crypto trading platform Philippines and other countries can use requires a brief understanding of the possible options out there. The factors that make a good crypto broker revolve around a few things.

  • Variety. One of the most important aspects to keep an eye out for is the variety of different crypto assets each of these platforms have to offer. The more options here, the flexibility traders will have when they form and create their individual trades. This allows for some form of strategy and planning while also allowing for a diversification of investments.
  • Low Minimums. For most new traders learning how to trade bitcoin and the like, one thing they will appreciate is the lower minimums to entry. This involves the deposits that these brokers require from users in order to begin real money operations. It also affects the individual investments they can make, and as a result, the amount of trades and trading diversity.
  • Demo Account. While learning through doing is the best way for traders to get the hang of things, a good bitcoin trading app will provide a free demo option for their new users. This allows exactly that, except without the risks of losing investments while learning. This is an especially useful tool for new traders and also those looking to develop new strategies for their exploits.
  • Training Tools. Any trader will quickly say that there isn't an end to the learning process when it comes to the art of trading. This is especially the case for cryptocurrency trading Philippines oriented or otherwise because of this assets volatility. So, picking a trading platform that supports this learning and growing process is essential for any users that plan to take this experience long term.

These are some of the most important factors that make up a top bitcoin trading app and the best one at the moment is the IQ Option platform.

Trading Cryptocurrency

First Hand experience is the best way to explore the world of cryptocurrency trading

We have scouted the best factors that go into a cryptocurrency trading platform in the Philippines or other supporting nations. The actual experience involved however, is one to understand and analyse.

When users log onto their chosen platform, they will encounter the available crypto assets they can use to trade. These will vary across the platforms but generally consists of the more popular options from the long list of different cryptos. Depending on the system being employed, there will be a list of additional info alongside these assets like the recent changes and the available spreads.

With a lot of these platforms, traders can also set a certain amount of leverage onto each of their trades. This multiplier allows for smaller trades that have significantly larger impact and as a result are able to generate higher returns. The greater the leverage, the more volume is ultimately traded.

What a lot of platforms do, like that of IQ Option, is provide crypto options for their users. This means that instead of actually going to sell or buy cryptocurrency, they are dealing with derivatives based on the value of these assets. This is why leverage can often be employed to such an extent. It also means that traders are not actually getting control of the asset but rather trading on the changes in value.

To trade cryptocurrency South Africa, or any other countries able to do so, can select the asset they want and then purchase an option. These forms of trade have two specific features to be aware of, that is the strike price and the expiration date. These are the attributes that make up the parameters of the trade and determine their overall outcomes.

The strike price is the term given to the value of the chosen asset at the time the trade is declared. While the expiration time is when this particular trade will expire. What traders are doing through this cryptocurrency trading Philippines or otherwise aimed experience is creating a form of contract. This is essentially saying that at the point of expiration, one can choose whether they want to buy or sell this asset.

However, this is a decision traders must make before the investment is made. These are named calls or puts. A call means that, based on the strike price, a trader thinks the value of this asset will rise higher by the time the trade expires. If this is the case, they will make their return, based on a percentage of the total volume invested. This includes any leverage employed.

A put on the other hand, is when traders think that this value will drop relative to the strike price at the time of expiration. If the prediction is accurate, they gain the relative return. Both the return amount, the expiration time and the strike price are determined before the trade is placed.

A factor that makes this form of crypto options trading so popular is that it hedges the loss potential of the trades. If a trader makes the completely wrong prediction and the price moves counter to what they thought, they only lose the amount initially invested. Versus the standard stock market procedure of buying and selling the actual asset, this can be considerably safer to do.

So, if traders are using the best crypto trading platform in Philippines and the online world, like IQ Option, these are the sort of experiences they can expect to find.

A comprehensive approach to the field of cryptocurrency trading Philippines and beyond, with all the necessary bells and whistles to complete the experience.

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