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April 11, 2020

StormGain Review

Good work allows us to enjoy the process, enjoy what we love, and get a decent salary. And if you feel tired, go on vacation. Unfortunately, not all people live in such conditions. Many hardworking people have to work hard to pay their rent and family needs. What's more, planning major purchases, gifts, or travels takes a lot of effort and can be a big blow to your family budget. Some even believe that it is impossible to break out of this circle.
But this is not the case, the modern world offers many different possibilities. A smart person will always find a path to success, and the internet is a great tool. After all, this is where you can find a reliable platform and start effective cryptocurrency trading. The main thing is to become a client of a quality company that creates the best conditions. In this case, the path to success will be safe, convenient, and comfortable. This review will tell you more about the cryptocurrency trading platform StormGain and its features.

How does cryptocurrency trading work?

Trading is a complex process that involves buying and selling various assets at the best possible price. Companies provide traders with access to the exchange, where he can make any deal, having previously analyzed the situation. The point is that the value of each asset is constantly changing. A professional user can pay attention to the necessary signals and indicators, make a correct forecast, and purchase an asset at the best price. Now the main task is to determine the exit point from the deal and the moment of selling at the highest value. When it comes to digital currency trading, there is very high volatility - it can reach 200%. Moreover, the crypto trading platform storm gain offers users a lot of different types of binary options.

  • Call/Put. The classic type of option, where the user must determine the direction of price movement after a certain period. If the forecast shows an asset growth, the "Call" option is selected, if the fall - the "Put" option. The correct decision will bring a good profit to the trader.
  • Touch/No-touch. Another popular option offered by the Philippines crypto trading platform StormGain. In this case, the broker defines a certain border that is above or below the value of the asset. The client analyzes the situation and determines whether the price will reach this value (Touch) or not (No-touch). It is noteworthy that the user can take profit without waiting for the expiration time. If the "Touch" option is selected and this condition is met.
  • In/Out. There are now two borders - upper and lower. They form a sector, and the trader decides whether the asset price will be outside or inside these boundaries. It is a popular way of making money for the crypto at Philippines traders. Because the correct forecast can bring serious profits.
  • Digital-options. The choice of calm traders who prefer reliability. Because this method has long expiration times. Therefore, the client has time for fundamental analysis and accurate forecasting. The disadvantage is a lower percentage of profit on a successful deal.
  • Turbo-options. On the contrary, one of the most lucrative tools for cryptocurrency trading in the Philippines. But also the riskiest. Because here the expiration time is 1-5 minutes, and there is no way to conduct an accurate analysis. Therefore, trading is sometimes like playing roulette.
  • Spread. Perhaps the most difficult type to make deals. Because here it is necessary not only to determine the direction of movement of the asset value but also to calculate the exact value. Attracts users with a high percentage of potential profit.

StromGain - one of the best crypto trading platform in the Philippines

The first step on the road to financial success is choosing a high-quality digital currency trading platform. The StormGain Exchange was registered in July 2019 in Seychelles. It supports cryptocurrency trading and margin trading with multipliers up to 200x. Customers can buy crypto with a credit card through the Simplex payment system and store it at 10% per annum. Rich experience, reliability, and safety allowed the company to quickly become popular and take place among the segment leaders.

How to day trade cryptocurrency?

First of all, you need to become a client of StormGain - this option is available to all adult users. The service offers users to go through a simple and easy registration procedure, which takes only a few minutes.

1. Go to the main page of the cryptocurrency trading platform in the Philippines StormGain.

2. In the upper corner of the screen, there is a button "Start trading" - press it. Now we select the item "register an account".

3. Enter the required personal data (email, account password, phone number, promotional code);

4. After confirmation, you need to check your email. There is now a new email here with a welcome link. Follow it to complete the registration procedure.

Number of assets

One of the best Bitcoin trading platforms in the Philippines offers clients access to a wide range of assets. These are popular and new cryptocurrencies with good liquidity and high volatility. The user has about two dozen assets at his disposal: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Cardano's ADA, DASH, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Litecoin, Monero's XMR, NEM, NEO, OmiseGo, QTUM, Ripple's XRP, Stellar's Lumen, Tether, Tron's TRX and Zcash. You can choose any convenient asset and start crypto trading any minute.


It is important that your Bitcoin trading in the Philippines is legal and secure. StormGain provides the ability to use cold wallets to store crypto assets. Cold wallets are disconnected from the network, making them inaccessible to hackers. Using this opportunity, you will be able, on the one hand, to secure your crypto assets, and on the other hand, to quickly use trading services. Storm trading is also secure thanks to two-factor authentication. You can set a one-time password and use it every time you log in or request a withdrawal.

Demo account

StormGain's clients are given the best opportunity to become a true professional. Bitcoin trading platform allows you to open a special demo account and try your hand at virtual currency, but with real quotes. This option can be activated at any time, and its use is completely free. Upon opening, you will receive 50,000 USDT to test the capabilities of the trading platform. After training on a demo account, you can easily switch to a real trading account. If you want to practice again, you can always test one or another trading strategy by switching from a real account to a demo account.

Access to important information

Not all new clients know how to trade Bitcoin with maximum profit. The StormGain platform offers its clients useful recommendations - trading signals that help traders find the most interesting trading opportunities. Investors and traders receive these trading signals with an accuracy of about 70% every few hours. Besides, video tutorials are available for those new to the market, compiled in a simple and accessible form. After completing all the lessons, you will receive basic knowledge of cryptocurrency trading and can immediately apply it in practice.

Nice website and support

Some users call StormGain the best cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines. There are many reasons for this excellent reputation. Firstly, real professionals worked on the creation of the resource. Therefore, the page meets the visitor with a pleasant design and high-quality functionality. Thanks to the excellent layout, you can quickly register, open a demo account, find the section you want, or make your first real deal.
Also, StormGain has 24/7 support for traders. Users can send emails directly to support at and join the StormGain community on Telegram and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube) for information and technical assistance.

Replenishment of the deposit and withdrawal of money

Thanks to the Stormgain exchange, the client has the opportunity to buy bitcoin in the Philippines, as well as buy and sell any cryptocurrency. To start crypto trading, you will need to replenish the deposit. It is not difficult to send money to your account:

1. Click "Deposit" to add money to your account and select the required cryptocurrency.

2. Copy the blockchain address in the pop-up window and send digital tokens of your chosen blockchain project to it.

The Show as QR button is used to display a QR code, with its help you can quickly complete a transaction from a mobile wallet. The lower threshold for depositing funds is limited and sending an amount less than the minimum will lead to a loss of money.

To buy a cryptocurrency for fiat money, click the button at the top of the screen "Buy cryptocurrency by credit card" and select the cryptocurrency that you want to transfer to the balance of the StormGain exchange. Then specify the payment method, the type of fiat money (euros, dollars), and the amount (from 50 EUR or 50 USD). Payment is made through the Simplex service.

Instant exchange commission:

• BCH/BTC - 0.25%;

• BCH/USDT - 0.08%;

• ETH/BTC - 0.25%;

• LTC/BTC - 0.25%;

• BTC/USDT - 0.08%;

• XRP/USDT - 0.08%

Trading fees:

• Sale of cryptocurrency - 0.004%;

• Purchase - 0.04%.

There is no commission for the replenishment of funds; upon withdrawal, the client pays 0.1% + network services. A multi-level loyalty program has been created for large traders. The more money in the account and the amount of trade turnover, the higher the client's status and the lower the exchange fees.

Cryptocurrency trading app Stormgain

Also, the platform allows you to make money anywhere you want thanks to the bitcoin trading app for Philippines clients. The program has excellent optimization and works with all modern mobile phones and tablets (iOS or Android). The functionality of the crypto trading app Stormgain allows you to use the tools that are most convenient for the trader (add the necessary signals and indicators to the chart). Moreover, excellent optimization guarantees a reliable connection to the Internet and high-quality operation of the program even in a weak Internet.

Automatic cryptocurrency trading software

In addition to the Bitcoin trading app, the Stormgain platform allows you to connect robotic programs. The robot will monitor the market situation, suggest the best asset options, trade 24/7, and close trades with millisecond precision (which will guarantee increased profits and reduce losses). You just need to download it, connect it, and set the correct settings.

Affiliate program

Another great feature of the cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines Stormgain. The ability to earn not only on Bitcoin trading but to become a partner of the company. The platform offers a refer-a-friend affiliate program. As part of this offer, you can earn 15% on commissions for trades that came from your affiliate link and started trading on StormGain.
Also, you can become a partner of the world's leading partner network - Financial Partners Marketing. It is the exclusive representative of the StormGain trading platform affiliate programs. You can receive a flat commission for each qualified trader, or up to 50% of your gross income from trading, as well as choose a combined cooperation option.
Moreover, there is a special loyalty program for the BTC trading platform Stormgain clients. The client's status depends on the account balance and trading volume. The assigned status can vary from "standard" (account balance less than 499 USDT and no trading volume) to VIP (account balance more than 49,999 USDT and trading volume more than 7.5 million USDT). Benefits include various exchange fees and discounts based on status. The program also offers a bonus to the percentage of the deposit in the range from 5% to 15% for different levels.


Cryptocurrency trading platform Stormgain allows clients to use a multiplier or leverage. This allows you to seriously increase your profits because now you can enter into larger transactions by investing less money. For example, when you open a deal for the first cryptocurrency for $50 with a multiplier of 10, the exchange gives you another $450. Accordingly, with the growth of Bitcoin, Philippines traders will make a profit based on the $500 rate. With the right approach, this can make the path to financial success more efficient.

How do I place my first deal on the Stormgain trading platform?

First, you would need to learn how to read quote charts and work with other analytical tools. The exchange provides clients with free video tutorials, you can go to view right on the trading page. Traders have access to several options for customizing the chart and over 50 indicators. At the bottom of the page, the sentiment scale is displayed based on statistical data on already open trades. It shows how many players are betting the rise or fall of a particular asset. Growth leaders and fall leaders are displayed in separate tabs. This helps a beginner to trade with the trend, which is very convenient.
If you need to quickly exchange one digital currency for another, use the instant exchange option. Everything here is as simple as possible, there are no charts and order books. Select the required pair, indicate the transaction amount, and click "Exchange". And if you go to the "advanced exchange" tab, you will see the familiar exchange interface with the chart and market depth, and you can create a market order or stop limit.
Trading with a multiplier, that is, with leverage, is possible only in the "Trade" section. Here, when creating an order, you can adjust the size of the multiplier, limit the possible loss, and bet on the growth or decline of the selected pair. You can follow the process in the "Open trades" section below the chart. If you have not set preliminary limits, then if you need to fix the profit (or stop the loss), close the deal manually. The trading results will immediately appear on your balance.
Now click the "Trade" button, define the required cryptocurrency pair, and create an order. Every profitable trade will make you good money.


The Stormgain platform offers users a wide range of benefits: security, access to a large number of assets, and a high percentage of profits. Register and make your path to financial independence convenient and efficient.

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