Tc2000 Review

What is tc2000 Brokerage? The Tc2000 is one of the best platforms and has low trading margin rates. The platform owner is Vorden Brothers Inc. and is one of the most used trading platforms in the world. Read Tc2000 Review!
April 11, 2020

TC2000 Brokerage Review

Each of us wants to achieve real success. For some it is a happy family, for others, it is a successful career, for others it is leisure, hobbies, and travel. But all these goals are impracticable without financial independence. We go to work every day, live paycheck to paycheck, and make plans while life passes us by. But an intelligent and active person finds opportunities to realize his potential. Moreover, modern technologies make this route comfortable and effective. Thanks to the Internet and reliable brokers, financial success turns from a dream into a reality.

We're talking about trading, this process allows you to make good money remotely and anywhere. Any adult user can start the path to success. You just need to have access to the network and the minimum start-up capital. Besides, you need to choose a quality and reliable broker that provides the most benefits. Read this IQ Option vs. TC2000 review for more useful information.

Key Trading Features

Previously, trading was a unique phenomenon available only to visitors to real exchanges. Now every user can register on the platform and start making money. The main principle of trading is very simple - to guess the value of an asset after a certain period. The price fluctuates every minute, so you need to conduct a thorough analysis and be able to think logically. Then a successful transaction will bring up to 180% profit. Moreover, the client can earn on different types of binary options - IQ Option and TC2000 offer clients a variety of options:

  • Call/Put. The most common type of options that many clients like. The task of the trader is to determine if the option price will be higher (call) or lower (put) after a specified period. The correct forecast brings profit.
  • In/Out. Imagine that there are special boundaries above and below the current value of an asset (conditionally +10 and -10 points). The trader conducts a qualitative analysis and seeks to predict whether the asset price will remain within these boundaries or leave them.
  • Touch/No-Touch. When this type of option is selected, the chart gets the rate border (it can be higher or lower than the current value). The trader analyzes the situation and predicts whether the rate will reach the specified value (Touch) or not (No-Touch). If the Touch option is selected and the condition is met, then the profit is received even before the expiration time;
  • Turbo-options. The choice of those who prefer risk and speed. In this case, the expiration time is minimal - one deal can take 1-5 minutes. Moreover, the percentage of profit here reaches 150-200%, so several successful predictions allow you to get an excellent bank. But a short expiration time excludes the possibility of a thorough analysis and increases the risks.
  • Digital-Options. An excellent choice for those who prefer less risk and guaranteed profits. Because here the expiration time is from a week to a month. The trader has the opportunity to conduct fundamental analysis and draw conclusions. The profit is slightly less here, but the risks are also small;
  • Spread. A profit-making tool for real professionals. The client's task is to determine not only the direction of movement of the asset value but also the final indicator. To do this, it is necessary to conduct a high-quality fundamental analysis and take into account many factors. But a large percentage of profit attracts many traders.

Choosing a reliable broker

Today a large number of companies offer their services. Some sites do not provide adequate security or do not offer the desired benefits to customers. This review will help you take the right step and become a client of a convenient and high-quality company. Here we will look at the main features of the IQ Option and TC2000 trading platform.

History of the company

TC2000 broker is one of the oldest on the market. The path to success began back in 1997. Then the site was officially registered in Cyprus. It becomes popular due to the excellent user experience, the availability of the necessary licenses, and excellent functionality available to both beginners and professionals. More than a million users managed to make sure of this, who became clients of the platform and managed to conclude a deal on binary options.

IQ Option entered the market in 2013. The address of official registration is the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. At first, it was a small platform with a minimum number of traders, but a responsible approach to work, customer care, and a high level of security allowed the exchange to quickly become popular. As of 2020, the company has about 40 million users, and about $20 million is paid out every month.

Licenses and documents

The trader must be sure that he does not break the law and cooperates with a legal broker. Brokerage services are provided by TC2000 Brokerage, Inc., associated with Worden Brothers, Inc. the company is a registered brokerage dealer, a member of FINRA/SIPC. While the non-governmental organization SIPC protects investors only when a broker is declared bankrupt, FINRA is a tough American regulator and protects the rights of investors in court when cases of fraud are detected.

IQ Option also has all the necessary international licenses and operates under the control of the legislature. The regulator makes sure that the firm fulfills its obligations, guarantees payments, insures user deposits, and acts as a third party when considering cases in court. Together with the reliable IQ Option and TC2000 platforms, your earnings become legal and safe.


This is one of the main factors that make a company of high quality. The IQ Option and TC2000 platforms take care of customers and guarantee the highest level of security. All personal data (payment information, transaction history, an account password, etc.) are reliably protected using the SSL 3.0 protocol. This algorithm uses a complex dynamic code that cannot be cracked. This means that a fraudster will not gain access to your account and will not be able to dispose of your funds. Moreover, even if he learns the password from you, it will not be possible to withdraw money. Because the system requires verification and confirmation of accounts. This method ensures that only a verified user will receive profit.

Support service

It is also necessary to talk about the convenience of the platforms in this IQ Option and TC2000 brokerage review. There are many positive comments from real users on the web about the effectiveness of the support service. They talk about the professionalism of the staff, who can quickly assist. Telephone and e-mail are available to contact them. The first method allows you to receive an answer immediately, and the second - to attach the necessary documents to the letter. IQ Option also cares about customer convenience. Communication via e-mail or telephone is available 24/7. Moreover, the employees speak different languages (English and Russian for TC2000 and more than ten languages for IQ Option), so your communication will be as comfortable as possible.

Minimum deposit

Anyone who has reached the age of majority can start the path to success and become a client of the TC2000 trading platform or IQ Option. The registration procedure is fast, simple, and convenient. Now the path to financial success is open to a new user, it is enough to have only a small start-up capital. The minimum deposit for IQ Option clients is $10. Moreover, this amount is sufficient to make ten minimum investments ($1 limit).

TC2000 exchange offers different conditions for clients. Here the minimum deposit is $100, so the entry threshold is slightly higher. However, thanks to the excellent leverage (up to 300:1), the user can conclude large transactions and make large profits. The minimum trade size on TC2000 is $1, so you can start your way to big money even with small start-up capital. The TC2000 Brokerage could be ideal for you as they offer an incredibly low 3% to 4.2% margin costs.

Official site

The correct combination of colors allows you to better absorb information and less fatigue. The design of the IQ Option official website deserves all kinds of praise. The stylish design does not strain your eyes, and high-quality functionality allows you to quickly register, study the necessary information and conclude a profitable deal. TC2000's page is less pleasing in design (it feels like the company started back in the 90s), but the functionality is great here too. Moreover, each site has several language versions (IQ Option - 18, TC2000 - 8), which reduces the entry threshold for residents of other countries.

Access to the information

A high-quality broker creates the best conditions for users and worries about his clients becoming true professionals. At the bottom of the sites, you can find a link to the information section. It contains advice from real professionals, analysis of the best strategies, and other information useful for IQ Option and TC2000 clients. Access to useful information will allow you to gain better knowledge and make your trading more efficient.

Demo account

Another important advantage of the TC2000 and IQ Option platforms. Each registered client has the opportunity to open a trial account. In this case, he receives 10,000 virtual dollars to the account. This money is used to conclude transactions at real quotes. Of course, this will not bring you profit, but it will give you invaluable experience, allow you to test various strategies, and find out what trading binary options is without risking losing real investments.

Payment systems

It's time to place real bets. To do this, you will need to replenish the deposit. Companies cooperate with reliable and popular payment systems. Replenishment is available through a bank card (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard), electronic wallets (Skrill for TC2000 and Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, Qiwi for IQ Option). Also, IQ Option even allows you to fund your account in cryptocurrency using blockchain technology. The payment of funds is carried out in the same ways (the minimum limit is $20 for IQ Option and $100 for TC2000), but for this, you need to go through the verification procedure. Such measures make it possible to ensure that it is the trader and not the fraudster who will make the profit.

Assets available to users

Each TC2000 trader can choose the asset that is most convenient for him. This will increase your trading efficiency. The platform offers about 60 types: standard fiat currencies, company stocks, securities, raw materials, precious metals, etc.

IQ Option offers slightly fewer options (about 40 types), but it has some advantages. For example, a client of the service can conclude transactions in the Forex market or trade cryptocurrency, which is one of the most promising assets today. It remains only to choose the option that suits the user the most and make the correct prediction, making a profit.

Profitability of transactions

Trading in assets and binary options is a profitable business. The percentage of profit from a successful forecast can range from 60 to 190%, depending on the selected type. According to statistics, clients of IQ Option offer an average return of 95%, and TC2000 - at 87%. The path to success is made easy with a trusted broker and your analytical mind.

IQ Option and TC2000 for Mac, iOS, and Android

Thanks to modern technology, a trader can make money anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. Just download TC2000 or IQ Option app and install it on your device. The program has excellent functionality and high-quality design, and most importantly, it runs on all modern mobile phones or tablets (iOS and Android). What's more, good optimization ensures a stable connection even on a weak internet, so you can trade effectively 24/7.

Flexible settings

Trading becomes most effective if the user can comfortably monitor the situation and make decisions in time. TC2000and IQ Option platforms allow clients to add signals and indicators to the chart that are convenient for them. These flexible settings are also advantages over other brokers.

Automated trading

Do you want to trade 24/7 with maximum efficiency? Then download the IQ Option or TC2000 software. A special robot has a lot of settings that allow you to set priorities, specify stop losses, etc. Correct settings will allow the algorithm to select the best options on the market and close deals at the perfect moment. Achieve maximum efficiency with modern technology.

Special offers

A professional company is always able to offer more. For example, IQ Option regularly hosts paid and free tournaments with large prize pools. The task of the participant (who received 1000 virtual dollars to the account) is to get the maximum profit within a certain period. Such tournaments are an opportunity to test your strength and the level of professionalism, as well as get additional profit. The TC2000 platform offers fewer additional options.

Premium account

The leaders of the IQ Option and TC2000 segment are always ready to offer users more. A premium account opens up additional opportunities for customers. Now he can get priority in the queue when withdrawing money, take part in special tournaments, get advice from a personal assistant, or increased profit on successful investments.
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