Firstrade India

Firstrade was one of the first web stock brokers around, but the company recently bumped things up a notch by offering free trades — even for alternatives. The platform also offers the riches of tools and resources to help you get started when you're a new stock investor. However, Firstrade does not provide solutions to a Robo advisor, unlike other stockbroker options.
April 11, 2020

Fisrtrade: Fees, Apps, Securities is an internet brokerage offering inexpensive rates to traders and clients. The polished platform offers access to stock trading, options, ETFs, mutual funds and bonds, and servicing of retirement plans. The tools can be navigated efficiently.

Launched in 1985 as First Flushing Securities to provide brokerage services in Flushing, New York, the company was renamed First Trade Securities, Inc. in 1997 and launched as, internet discount broker. The firm offers internet and portable trading platforms to match customers talking Mandarin and Cantonese and offers Chinese varieties.

As a significant player in America's stock market game, Firstrade remains to innovate and provide the personal trader with a multitude of facilities and economic instruments.
Products offered
Stock, ETF, Fund, Bond, Options
Minimum deposit
Withdrawal fee amount

Committees & Fees Rank:

Firstrade keeps stuff straightforward when it goes to trades, providing free inventory, ETFs, mutual funds, and options trades to shareholders. Like other $0 brokers (Robinhood, for instance), order processing for Firstrade depends on order stream billing (PFOF) to create cash.

Firstrade is now providing free trade for both stocks and alternatives, as of 23.08.18, comparable to firms such as Robinhood and TradeZero. It can come with a price. Many "free" brokers obtain order stream payment, which may lead to worse customer killings. While many informal traders and shareholders may not be affected by this, extremely engaged traders tend to prefer immediate brokers.

Platforms and Tools:

Firstrade's website provides an easy, easy-to-use trading experience that provides importance to its clients trading at $0. The OptionsPlay instrument, for instance, is great for trade ideation possibilities and is supplied to all clients, regardless of equilibrium of their account. Focusing on instruments and features alone, Firstrade results badly, much like other $0 brokers.

Firstrade's web-based trading platform, Firstrade Navigator, is only accessible to Firstrade Premier clients, meaning they have at least $10,000 in account equilibrium. However, even without Premier status, clients can still access the internet watch list of streaming real-time references from the platform.

Promotions: provides fresh clients with frequently competitive unique promotions. They give fresh clients 500 free trades with a minimum payment of $2,000, then add an incremental $100 money bonus for fresh accounts opening with minimum funds of $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 respectively. They were known to sometimes give up to $900 in money benefits, so it's best to verify the offers frequently on the home site.


The dashboard platform is mainly a web page with widgets that can be used to position businesses. With a streaming news feed in place, there are fundamental mapping options. There's a ton of built-in characteristics beyond that, which give you a snapshot of your account.

This provides you all the data you need. For the average retail investor, this is ideal: someone looking at the big picture. Again, this isn't a long-term horizon for your day trading.

Firstrade (thanks to its use of Morningstar as its main supplier) provides clients with a well-balanced study experience that surpasses those produced by its profound discount rivals. Firstrade only provides one third-party inventory study, one for ETFs, and none for mutual funds.

Firstrade shines as its rivals do not provide any useful experiences compared to other discount brokers, while Firstrade offers a study experience that will fulfill most buyer. Although, relative to its big (costlier) full-service rivals, weaknesses are quite obvious.

Firstrade Navigator:

It is an extended Dashboard platform variant. This provides you the capacity to handle and trade from one screen even more efficiently, in terms of streaming credits, inventory screeners and adds sophisticated technical mapping to the blend.

This is an excellent platform for those who are looking for a "30,000-foot view" of what's going on with the markets and, of course, they want proper security for their funds.

Mobile Trading Rank:

Firstrade's mobile app is simple to use and fulfills our expectations of a broker paying $0 for business. Firstrade's mobile app supports secure Face ID login, watching website sync lists and providing quotes throughout the app for real-time streaming. Chain options and mapping also provide a smooth environment where there are 19 inventory graphs for technical research.

Drawbacks include a lack of alerts functionality, also, in horizontal landscape mode, stock charts cannot be regarded. There is also no support for advanced order types, including complex options.

Tradable Markets:

Firstrade is exclusively specialized in US markets. In other words, on all the usual indexes, you can trade significant stocks, as well as OTC stocks.

You also can trade options on favorites like SPY, IWN, and individual stocks in addition to that. This gives the U.S. central trader plenty of financial tools to trade, but they also offer mutual funds, fixed income, and ETF markets beyond that. Extended hours trading is feasible, making Firstrade a little distinct from many retail brokers in the business.
Pros and Cons of Firstrade
Pros of Firstrade:

  • No original minimum deposit account.
  • For most offers, free trade.
  • Excellent for investors internationally
Cons of Firstrade:

  • No portfolio alternative managed (with a consultant).
  • The platform for Firstrade Navigator is quite simple; could use some updates

Final Words:

The creative approach to commission-free trades by Firstrade pushes the competitiveness of the company up a notch. A variety of clients resonate with the philosophy of the company, "Wealth management at no-cost to low-cost."
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