Robinhood Broker in South Africa

January 11, 2021
Get a profit by making the correct prediction of price fluctuations.

$10 min. deposit.
'Contracts for Difference' (or CFD) is a complex financial instrument and may cause in loss of your investment. Know more.
Robinhood app

Is Robinhood available in South Africa?

Technically yes, Robinhood app's services is available on African continent. But to open an account you should be a U.S. citizen, or have a valid U.S. visa.

What other trading platforms should you pay attention to?

Take a look at alternatives on Top-5 Brokers for Beginners shortlist. Also, we recommend you to explore our IQ Option review. With this broker you can make a profit on the trading asset price fluctuation, no matter if asset price going up or down. This broker legally provide its services in South Africa.

Briefly About Robinhood

Year founded
Commission on trades
Minimum deposit
Web platform
Trading platform
Mobile app
Stocks, ETFs, Options, Crypto, Fractional shares
Simple clean design. Meets basic investor needs.
Available on iOS and Android

What is Robinhood?

The economic sector is being expanded by Robinhood through its free inventory trade, and a new brand of unlimited clearing and saving reports is being implemented, despite paying out an over-moving currency. Robinhood offers a deposit-free inventory for Millennium shareholders who are looking for a smartphone-based bitcoin exchange without sirens and cymbals.

Robinhood is a zero-fee discount broker established The company is regulated by top-tier financial authorities, such as Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Securities and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

With the help of the Robinhood App you can take stock of a useful search bar at the corner of the screen and approach the stock graph for any time. It works efficiently and effectively, so you're not expecting it to be transported. You will get the most important stock figures— their high and low, dividend rate and income.

It offers a news channel; a collection of analyst lists and a brief summary. A trade tab scrolls down the page, which allows you to place orders at any time, if you are ready to purchase or sell.
Robinhood app interface

Pros and Cons of Robinhood

Free trade:
Inventories, ETFs, opportunities for cryptocurrency. With Robinhood everyone can exchange it safe, and that is a tremendous blessing to lenders, especially to shareholders. As investors understand, it's easy to pay a massive fee, if you exchange to and from the sector. That's because realtors pay a basic charge and an additional fee of each arrangement.

This structure quickly accumulates costs. It is a great alternative for investors looking to obtain the demand at Robinhood. Of course, Robinhood also offers you the possibility to exchange some non-commercial blockchain technology almost beyond such freedoms. In many other nations, the system is available and the company adds more.

It was simple to set up for it using the network extender.

Choices Selling:
Free alternatives have recently been introduced by Robinhood.

Alerts for the Business Headlines:
Receive your report and see the list of revenue alerts and other major stock information on your handheld telephone.

You will be safeguarded by this feature for those people who just want to deal with digital currencies 24/7 or maybe just supervise them.

ACH No-Fee Shifts:
Robinhood will not reimburse any fines to or from a your ACH account for any ACH request.

No Max Deposit:
Many reports do not require the minimum amount or balance.

Robinhood Gold Scheme:
Robinhood Gold is really the firm's scheme for purchasing shares for cash or markup loans. It needs an extraordinary approach, although stockholders can be happy, provided they understand how it works. Robinhood Gold doubles the spending capacity in your account
  1. Restricted region of analysis
    If you cannot pay for transactions, you can't do everything. This shows that Robinhood offers limited services in terms of research and training. This isn't a killer for the right type, but a defining moment for prospective buyers, as they mostly want their broker to give them frequent substantial advice.

  2. No pension records
    There are presently only single, payable profiles accessible. Combined or spousal accounts are not accessible.

  3. Bad customer service
    Robinhood's customer service is terrible judging by comments from the Internet.

  4. Limited feature
    Robinhood has everything to do with the development of complicated options trading.

  5. Not always simple
    I'm a Millennial, a digital resident, not a logical person, and the very first time I found it difficult to find out how to get in business. Finding what you want out of the app is not always straightforward. But when you figure out how to trade, it becomes a cakewalk.

  6. Postponed information
    Quotation, information up to 20 minutes can be postponed.

  7. No Index funds or Bonds
    Robinhood does not endorse index funds or treasuries expenditure right now.

  8. Going to sell your market volatility
    Here is one of the secrets of how Robinhood can free trade – the firm provides its heavy-frequency retailers with its order flow, so they can predict the industries and gain better prices from people, such as yourself. In other words, the operation from Robinhood allows these merchants to press dollar bills on each exchange (or fractions of dimes), buy from you at a lower cost and sold it for a higher price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is robinhood available in South Africa?
Generally, yes. Robinhood app is supported in South Africa. But to apply for a Robinhood account you should be a U.S. citizen, or have a valid U.S. visa.

Take a look at alternatives on Top-5 Brokers for Beginners shortlist.
Can I use Robinhood in Malaysia?
Robinhood app is supported in Malaysia. But to apply for a Robinhood account you should be a U.S. citizen, or have a valid U.S. visa.

Take a look at alternatives on Top-5 Brokers for Beginners shortlist.
Is Robinhood available in Singapore?
Robinhood app is supported in Singapore. But to apply for a Robinhood account you should be a U.S. citizen, or have a valid U.S. visa.

Take a look at alternatives on Top-5 Brokers for Beginners shortlist.

Final Thoughts:

Robinhood is a perfect global trade browser for shareholders who are interested in stock trading, choices and swapped funds without payment of commissions or charges. The provider is creative and eliminates nearly all classic capital costs.

But one of the main cons is that Robinhood only accept traders who are a U.S. citizen, or have a valid U.S. visa. Check out our Top-5 Brokers for Beginners shortlist for alternatives.
Robinhood in South Africa • 2021 Broker Review

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By making a right prediction about stock price direction.
Due to some restrictions, Robinhood accepts only US residents as a traders.

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Easy-to-use interface
Accessible in 187 countries
Quick registration
Free demo