OptionsXpress Review Singapore and other countries

OptionsXpress might be a viable option, as it is relatively easy to use and very well-rated. It also helps that it is created as a part of the Charles Schwab Corporation, providing an additional reputation for its website.
April 11, 2020

OptionsXpress Review SG, Indonesia and etc

OptionsXpress is a leader in online stock trading and is recognized by known financial and investment sources as one of the best internet brokers. It offers a variety of investment alternatives — including other investment vehicles not provided by many other providers — and a simple web-trading platform with a solid set of tools and features.

This online stock trading software includes the tools you need to encourage your investment style and assets. These tools include hazard and volatility calculators, graphs, news streaming, and analyst study papers. While the system works well in terms of characteristics, other brokers do not give customization.
$14.95 (up to 10 contracts), $1.50/contract thereafter
Minimum Deposit:

OptionsXpress Features:

Due to its versatile, flexible trading platform, most Xpress clients are drawn to it. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or specialist trader, there is a range of environments and complexity concentrations that allow you to trade alternatives.

One of the primary claims to the notoriety of optionsXpress is its IRIS alert phone, introduced in 2014. What this does is enable clients to see software updates, fresh alerts and notifications for trading. If you want to create big-business choices by working with the market's ebb and flow, the IRIS scheme of OptionsXpress is an efficient instrument.

OptionsXpress is a website that deals in online trading options, futures trading and stock trading, as well as money characteristics, such as bank sweep and free loan interest. Overall, optionsXpress offers an all-in-one platform for trading shares, futures, and alternatives for shared funds, ETFs and bonds.

Their free broker-assisted trading is one thing that enables Xpress clients. Customers can always get much-needed help from the list of reputable brokers of optionsXpress. Although, they are not going to create specific trade suggestions, they are very helpful in assisting with technical issues and trading policies tips.

The lion's share of characteristics and equity instruments provided by optionsXpress is discovered in one platform, Xtend, in their all. For the most part, Xtend is a great option for beginner traders— the user interface is intuitive and easy to read, but, especially in the desktop version, it can be relatively slow.

When using Xtend, your account status, the stock options available recommended by optionsXpress, and your portfolio as a whole are viewed at-a-glance. This is highly helpful at any stage for traders irrespective of their mildly faster velocity.

OptionsXpress Commissions & Fees:

The broker costs $1.50 per agreement with a minimum of $14.95, if there are fewer than 35 trades choices per quarter. Otherwise, with a minimum of $12.95, it's only $1.25 per agreement. OptionsXpress has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of commissions. Its alternatives framework is hardly suitable for casual buyers, to get the negatives out of the manner.

This implies that the grant would be at least $12.95, even if you only trade a single choice. In comparison, one agreement for TD Ameritrade would cost $10.74, $10.74 for ETRADE, $8.25 for Scottrade and $5.45 for OptionsHouse. In this case, the site and tools are what you are paying for. Thus, everything as an investor relies on your particular requirements.

Aside from options, equity trades are at a flat rate of $8.95, which is also the price paid by the Charles Schwab parent business. Also, thanks to Charles Schwab, 182 commission-free ETFs are produced accessible (via commission rebate). OptionsXpress also provides mutual funds, bonds, and trading futures. Follow the menu navigation key close to the bottom of this section for a complete overview of commissions and fees.

Ease of use:

OptionsXpress has customers addressed in terms of ease of use. The all-in-one trade ticket from the broker is accessible anywhere, the website design is smooth, and optionsXpress is the only broker to arrange all website instruments on one page by stage of expertise and sort.

IRIS, a notification agent for all accounts, was introduced by the broker. IRIS is an eye icon that lies in the client's website's bottom correct corner. It shows alerts of accounts, notifications of trade and reviews of instruments. Clicking the eye icon will bring you to the IRIS Notification Center where it is possible to make customizations and filter notifications.

Finally, optionsXpress provides options kinds for what they call "Walk Limit." OptionsXpress will "wander" your order to attempt to get the most favorable cost within the National Best Bid or Offer (NBBO) to avoid changing restriction orders as they stay alive.
Pros and Cons of OptionsXpress
Pros of OptionsXpress:

  • No additional charges to use software for online trading.
  • Easy to view virtual trading platform.
  • Novice-friendly streaming graphs.
  • Intuitive mobile apps.
  • No minimum account balances. Education of high quality, including webinars.
  • Free help from the broker.
  • Free subscription to the newsletter of optionsXpress for 13 months.
  • Minimum to open account 0
Cons of OptionsXpress:

  • Fee timetable can get very cumbersome.
  • Higher stock price and trade in the ETF.
  • Minimum required for greater contract alternatives.
  • Only futures traders can get customer support 24 hours a day.

Final Thoughts:

OptionsXpress is not reinventing the wheel as a trading platform. There are no fancy gimmicks to heavily concentrate on, and a previous understanding of stock trading isn't necessary, although, it would help a lot, of course. All you can imagine with optionsXpress is a strong, work-like collection of trading facilities, backed up by a comparatively low maintenance fee, a balance system and a wonderful list of teaching and study instruments.

While other stock trading systems may overwhelm with complex software and a strong learning curve, even the begginer trader can find the Xtend UI highly simple to use and very comprehensible.

All in all, if you're just starting in the stock trading business and want something that won't crash the bank or confuse your head, OptionsXpress is a highly reputable choice.
When you factor in pricing costs, customer service and overall intangibles, OptionsXpress falls right into the middle of the pack.
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